Funny parrot can't stop dancing to her favorite song, "Bacon Pancakes"

I can't stop watching Auggie, an adorable Quaker parrot, dancing with delight to the song "Bacon Pancakes." Sometimes she even asks her human to sing it so she can kick up her feet to the tune. I swear she's saying "Bacon Pancakes" at the beginning of this clip, as she politely requests her favorite ditty! I love her little dance moves! She certainly seems to love the song!

For those not in the know, the delightful and catchy song "Bacon Pancakes," written by Rebecca Sugar, was featured in the animated television series "Adventure Time." According to the Adventure Time Wiki, it was:

sung by Jake in the episodes "Burning Low" and "Is That You?." He first sings it while making breakfast, which is bacon and pancakes combined. In the episode from the Stakes mini-series, "Checkmate," Finn sings a variation of this song.

You can see more of Auggie and her fellow feathered friends, who go by "The Green Bird Brigade," on TikTok or Instagram.