Police release dash cam footage of beaver loose in hospital "looking to nom nom a Christmas tree"

On Christmas morning, Bartlett, Tennessee police officers rushed to St. Francis Hospital to capture a giant beaver that was on the loose inside the facility. After a short chase, the police finally corned the poor thing under a piano, and were able to capture it. The Charlotte Observer provides more details:

When officer Robb Read found the animal shortly before 7 a.m. at the hospital, he reached out and grabbed it, then put it in a large black cart, according to police. The animal was safely relocated to an undisclosed location, police said.

On their Facebook page, the Bartlett Police Department speculated that the beaver was "probably looking to nom nom a Christmas tree." They also recently released body cam footage of their beaver adventure. I'm glad the beaver survived unscathed—now it has a terrific story to tell its beaver friends.