Logitech mouse has a dedicated "AI" button

Logitech, which makes nice but generally unadventurous computer peripherals, has released a mouse with a dedicated "AI" button. The button, which is an unusual shade of bright cyan so you know it's special, opens something called the "prompt builder," whose purpose in the context of mice or mousing-related activities remains obscure. PC World reviewed the AI mouse. It's a nice mouse. In the review's "CONS" column are "AI additions might be unnecessary" and "It just opens ChatGPT"?

After pressing the button and signing in, I was surprised to find that this is the full-fat version of ChatGPT 3.5 and not a custom variant made specifically for the mouse. That does mean it has the same limitations as the web version. It can't be used offline, it can't pull any information more recent than January 2022

I'm fascinated at the thought of how this came to be. Some kind of meeting at Logitech HQ where someone's shouting "We have to have AI!" and someone else is screaming "But nothing we make is even obliquely relevant to AI!" and he's shrieking back "AI! AI!" as he grasps their shoulders and shakes them, his eyes feral, his knuckles white, " If we don't have AI we….. AI!" and then everyone starts chanting "AI! AI! AI!" like a coven of Lovecraftian Ballmers.