Press briefing comically interrupted by creepy visitor — as in a "rather large" cockroach (video)

The spokesperson for the U.S. State Department was speaking at a press briefing today when a creepy visitor hovering over a reporter brought things to a halt.

"Matt, I hate to interrupt," Matthew Miller said, interrupting his own speech as his eyes nervously glanced across the room for a second time. "But there's a big cockroach on the wall, over your head there."

The good sport then tried to make light of the situation as the crowd nervously tittered, but he could barely put two words together as he stumbled through his next sentence. "So, maybe y'need a, um, w– m– defer that to d– t– I don't…It's not no no no insecticide, insecticide or roachicide in the briefing, Matt."

It's not clear if the mysterious Matt, off camera, was able to decipher Miller's ramblings, but he was able to help the spokesperson get back on track. "I'll go get it, as soon as you finish," he said.

"Sorry to be distracted, but it's a rather large one," Miller continued, breaking into uneasy laughter.

"Do I have to get rid of it now?" the off-camera Matt asked.

But Miller was able to finally accept the uninvited addition to the crowd, saying "No, no, let me go ahead and finish."

It's not clear if the roach left on its own or was escorted out after the event. (See video below, posted by C-SPAN.)

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