Would you buy this 3-foot-long croissant for $67 USD?

These massive coffees and croissants make me irrationally angry. At BohoX in Dubai you can order a 3-foot-long croissant for about $67 USD and wash it down with a $33 USD giant cappuccino that contains the equivalent of about 28 cups of coffee. 

Muskan Gupta at Gulf Buzz reviewed the ridiculously excessive and oversized treats:

Truly nothing can prepare you to see a ginormous cup of coffee and croissant come towards you, and know that its all for you to consume. But I do not regret a single bite of that croissant or sip of that coffee. All 90cm were simply delicious, the croissant was soft and flakey but still had a nice crunchy bite to it and tasted like buttery goodness.

The coffee brought back the life in my eyes after the first sip and I couldn't stop myself from drinking as much as I could. And I know what you all must be thinking, isn't that way too much coffee for just one person? Yes, you're right, but that's exactly why this is also the first cup of coffee that all of you and your friends can share. You simply have to pour out the hot hot coffee into everyone cup, sit back, relax, and enjoy a nice summer afternoon again.

Nah, I'm not buying it (literally). There's something about food-as-spectacle that seems created solely for shock value and Instagramability (and that seems destined to be wasted) that makes me want to scream.


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♬ Un croissant, un café crème – Sale Petit Bonhomme

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