The rise of the cube croissant

The pastry world is buzzing with a new food trend—cube-shaped croissants. The cube croissant phenomenon began at the London-based bakery, Le Deli Robuchon, where an influencer accidentally made it a social media sensation.

Tasting Table:

In January, Le Deli Robochon invited an influencer from TikTok to sample a different pastry. His curiosity peaked by just seeing Le Cube (who wouldn't really, they're stunning), so he included one of the pastries in his social media posts. "We invited an influencer from TikTok to come and try one of our king cakes, and he saw [Le Cube] when he came to collect it, and there we have it," she says. The pastry took off, accumulating more and more customers purposefully coming in just to try the perfectly right-angled pastry.

…Today, the establishment sells nearly 350 on an average weekday, with several peak times, typically once in the morning and once in the afternoon, when the product comes out fresh and ready to fly off the bakery shelves. The lines at the weekend are even more significant than during the weekday— sales consistently now hover at the 700 mark..

The pastry's popularity grew exponentially, and its unique appeal soon crossed the Atlantic. Seeing the trend, a new strip mall bakery in Santa Clara, California called Croissante started making their own version at $10/pop, causing long lines from the get-go.


After tasting it myself, I can see what the hype is about. The cube croissant is a hefty item that two people can easily share. As I ripped off pieces of the croissant, the pastry maintained its structure better than a classic butter croissant ever could. I'm used to flaky croissants, but this special item was less messy. Moreover, the crunchiness of the pastry was unexpected but perhaps the most enjoyable part of the whole experience. I especially loved the corners, which delivered a crispier bite. 


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