Turn your iPad into a sketchbook or notepad with this Apple Pencil, now $60!

TL;DR: Want to expand your iPad's abilities? You can turn it into a sketchbook or notebook with an Apple Pencil, now $59.99 (reg. $79) for a limited time!

If you're like us, you probably love your iPad. Who doesn't love how sleek they are and how they're essentially the best of both your phone and computer?

Unfortunately, if you're someone who uses their iPad outside of online shopping or streaming, you're probably a little frustrated with trying to take notes or sketch out designs. Luckily, you can expand your iPad's abilities easily with an Apple Pencil, and we have a 2023 model that's on sale for only $59.99 — a fraction of the price of what Apple is charging for a brand-new one!

Designed to turn your iPad into a digital sketchbook or notepad, this Apple Pencil makes it easy to take notes from lectures or presentations, draw designs, and more. It comes with quick responsiveness and low latency, meaning it feels just like you're using a normal pen on paper.

Tilt and pressure sensitivity are perfect for artists and designers, as you simply need to apply pressure to your Apple Pencil to change the stroke and shading width. Plus, this stylus is designed to offer pixel-perfect accuracy, whether you need thin, sharp lines for a clothing design or pointed ones to take meeting minutes.

Need a break from writing or sketching? You don't need to worry about losing your stylus, as it connects magnetically to your iPad when you're not using it! Plus, it's super easy to recharge thanks to its USB-C connectivity.

Oh, and we can't forget to mention this Apple Pencil is new open-box. Don't worry, it's essentially new, though its packaging may have extra handling or it might have been touched by a previous customer. Because of that, you're getting this sick discount.

Level up your iPad experience by adding an accessory made for productivity.

Grab this 2023 new open-box Apple Pencil for just $59.99 while supplies last!

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