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Stealing Ur Feelings: interactive documentary on the snakeoil "science" of facial emotion detection

Filmmaker Brett Gaylor (previously) writes, "Stealing Ur Feelings is an augmented reality experience that reveals how apps like Snapchat can utilize facial emotion recognition technology to secretly collect data about your emotions to make decisions about your life and promote inequalities." Read the rest

Mozilla announces $225,000 in grants for "artwork and advocacy exploring AI"

Kevin from Mozilla writes, "In a world where biased algorithms, skewed data sets, and broken recommendation engines can radicalize YouTube users, promote racism, and spread fake news, it’s more important than ever to support artwork and advocacy work that educates and engages internet users." Read the rest

A dad looks at a year's worth of voice-searches by his five-year-old

Filmmaker Brett Gaylor (previously) realized that Google had saved all the voice-searches his five-year-old had done since he discovered the feature a year ago; in a charming little animated documentary, Brett muses on the ambivalent miracle of a child being able to do research on anything or anything (but while storing all their intellectual history with a giant, creepy multinational company). Read the rest

Help cover the FCC with 22 million virtual flyers

Brett Gaylor from Mozilla writes, "The FCC received 22 million comments in response to its plan to repeal Net Neutrality legislation. So we've created a virtual way for you to drop 22 million virtual leaflets on Ajit Pai at the FCC headquarters. And we're almost there! Folks have dropped over twenty million so far, and in the process made weird cyber graffiti appear all over DC. Help us get to 22 million!" Read the rest

Invent privacy & security adventures with Cryptomancer & Mozilla

Brett Gaylor writes, "As part of the Mozilla Privacy Arcade project in this year’s Global Sprint, Mozilla is inviting activists, artists, designers, educators, gamers, storytellers, and technologists of all backgrounds to invent new privacy-themed adventures for the role playing game Cryptomancer." Read the rest

Mozilla's Popcorn Maker: a drag-and-drop tool for mashup interactive video

Brett Gaylor from Mozilla sez,

Sunday at the Mozilla Festival in London, Mozilla launched the 1.0 version of their new Popcorn Maker tool, a free web app that makes video pop with interactivity, context and the magic of the web. Popcorn Maker makes it easy to enhance, remix and share web video.

Using Popcorn Maker’s simple drag and drop interface, you can add live content to any video — photos, maps, links, social media feeds and more. All right from your browser. The result is a new way to tell stories on the web, with videos that are rich with context, full of links, and unique each time you watch them.

“Until now, video on the web has been stuck inside a little black box,” says Mozilla’s Director of Popcorn, Brett Gaylor. “Popcorn Maker changes that, making video work like the rest of the web: hackable, linkable, remixable, and connected to the world around it.”

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Video game in your browser's location bar

Probably Corey's HTML 5 video-game "URL Hunter" takes place entirely in the URL bar of your browser, in which you must chase down rogue "a"s with your mighty "O" and clobber them with the spacebar. I keep running into croggling demos of HTML5's capabilities -- last week in Toronto, Mozilla.org's Brett Gaylor showed me a WebGL demo that left me with my jaw on the floor. It's going to be a cool couple of Web-years, most surely.

URL Hunter

(via Engadget)

  Game of Life in HTML 5 - Boing Boing HOWTO make a HTML5 webcam photo-booth - Boing Boing Fractals in HTML5 Canvas - Boing Boing Read the rest

RIP: Remix Manifesto plays London this Sunday!

Londoners take note: RIP! A Remix Manifesto (the infamous and brilliant documentary on copyright, remix culture and the global war to control information) is on at the HMV Curzon on 28 March -- this Sunday -- along AV/DJ mashup artists The Light Surgeons.

hmvcurzon brings you DocDays, a showcase of thought-provoking and entertaining documentaries with this month featuring "RIP - A Remix Manifesto" with introduction by East London Multi Media Artists Collective 'The Light Surgeons'. Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century. Featuring 'Girl Talk', a sample-based musician chart-topper, Lawrence Lessig, Gilberto Gil and Cory Doctorow. With thanks to Mercury Media. MEMBERS 2 FOR 1 OFFER All Curzon members can buy one ticket and get another ticket free for Rip: A Remix Manifesto. Only available in person at the hmvcurzon Wimbledon box office

DocDays: Rip: A Remix Manifesto/Intro With The Light Surgeons

(Thanks, Brett!)

Previously: RiP: Remix Manifesto -- documentary about copyright and the ... Video's Remix of "RiP: A Remix Manifesto" RIP: A Remix Manifesto is now a pay-what-you-like download - Boing ... Video's Remix of "RiP: A Remix Manifesto" Get your face into the NYC premiere of RIP: A REMIX MANIFESTO ... Read the rest

Get your face into the NYC premiere of RIP: A REMIX MANIFESTO

Cameron from Creative Commons sez, "Brett Gaylor and the crew at Open Source Cinema are running an awesome promotion to get yourself included in the NYC theatrical debut of 'Rip! A Remix Manifesto'. Simply edit yourself into Javier Gutierrez's Times Square photo (available at OSC's site) in place of one of the advertisement billboards and they will compile and animation of Times Square being overrun by Free culture activists as opposed to advertisements."

Remix NYC: Get Your Face In The Opening NYC Screening of "Rip! A Remix Manifesto"

(Image: Times Square, J Gutierrez | CC BY)

Previously: RIP: A Remix Manifesto is now a pay-what-you-like download - Boing ... Boing Boing Video's Remix of "RiP: A Remix Manifesto" - Boing Boing RiP: Remix Manifesto -- documentary about copyright and the ... Read the rest

RIP: A Remix Manifesto is now a pay-what-you-like download

The celebrated "open source documentary" RIP: A Remix Manifesto has found a progressive, forward-thinking distributor that is making the film available as a download on a pay-what-you-want basis (alas, the offer is US only, due to the insanity of the film industry):

It's been a peculiar road to get to the point where we could release the film as a download, because obviously this is something we wanted to do right from the get go. But since we have so many partners that helped us make the film, including theatrical and television distributors, it was a delicate balancing act to make sure the good faith they showed in making the film would be rewarded, that we wouldn't undercut their efforts to promote and recoup on the film by giving it away. So we waited a while before launching the various online permutations. The National Film Board [of Canada] put up a chaptered version during our U.S. premiere at South by Southwest in March, and we embedded calls to action into each chapter.

Around SXSW, we partnered with two American partners -- Disinformation for our DVD release, and BSide for the theatrical side of things. And at the first meeting I had with them, it became clear that we needed to go down this road. We knew the film would appear on file-sharing networks immediately and we knew the audience for the film wanted and expected it to be online. So knowing that, we wanted there to be a method for those who wanted to pay to do so.

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Boing Boing Video's Remix of "RiP: A Remix Manifesto"

Flash video embed above, click "full" icon inside the player to view it large. You can download the MP4 here. Our YouTube channel is here, you can subscribe to our daily video podcast on iTunes here. Get Twitter updates every time there's a new ep by following @boingboingvideo, and here are the archives for Boing Boing Video.

Today's episode of Boing Boing Video is a remixed series of snips from RiP: A Remix Manifesto, an "open source documentary" about copyright and remix culture. Yes, a remix of a remix of a remix! We're nothing if not meta around here.

The film includes copyfighters such as Lawrence Lessig, Girl Talk, Negativland, Gilberto Gil, The Mouse Liberation Front -- and Boing Boing's own Cory Doctorow.

RiP was some six years in the making, and filmmaker Brett Gaylor is in turn inviting you to contribute to the film by remixing and adding to the conversation. Info on screenings throughout the world here, and Brett invites all of Boingdom to...

Participate in REMIXING TIMES SQUARE at this link. Rotoscope, re-draw, photoshop/illustrate remix times square from a private space to the public domain The results are being compiled and will be screened at the Ann Arbor film festival March 28th! Try the web based video editor - all chapters of the film are available for remix.

The film screened at SXSW last week, and there's a lot of resulting press bubbling up this week. Read the rest

RiP: Remix Manifesto -- documentary about copyright and the information age

Robbo sez,

In RiP: A remix manifesto, Web activist and filmmaker Brett Gaylor explores issues of copyright in the information age, mashing up the media landscape of the 20th century and shattering the wall between users and producers.

The film’s central protagonist is Girl Talk, a mash-up musician topping the charts with his sample-based songs. But is Girl Talk a paragon of people power or the Pied Piper of piracy? Creative Commons founder, Lawrence Lessig, Brazil's Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil and pop culture critic Cory Doctorow are also along for the ride.

RiP: A remix manifesto

(Thanks, Robbo!) Read the rest

Open source copyright doc wants you to remix footage

Jonathan sez, "Open Source Cinema is trying to put together a collaborative documentary about copyright in the digital age.

They've travelled the world and have loads of raw footage available under creative commons which anybody can download, remix, and upload again! The script is also completely editable by users.

The finished documentary is to be screened on the documentary channel and in many theaters.

They need help, however: people, get editing!"


Update: Mark sez, "I conducted a video interview with Open Source Cinema founder Brett Gaylor for flasher.com and you can find it at the suggested link. He's a good talker and he outlines his project and the ideas behind in detail." Read the rest