A dad looks at a year's worth of voice-searches by his five-year-old

Filmmaker Brett Gaylor (previously) realized that Google had saved all the voice-searches his five-year-old had done since he discovered the feature a year ago; in a charming little animated documentary, Brett muses on the ambivalent miracle of a child being able to do research on anything or anything (but while storing all their intellectual history with a giant, creepy multinational company). — Read the rest

Video game in your browser's location bar

Probably Corey's HTML 5 video-game "URL Hunter" takes place entirely in the URL bar of your browser, in which you must chase down rogue "a"s with your mighty "O" and clobber them with the spacebar. I keep running into croggling demos of HTML5's capabilities — last week in Toronto, Mozilla.org's — Read the rest

Get your face into the NYC premiere of RIP: A REMIX MANIFESTO

Cameron from Creative Commons sez, "Brett Gaylor and the crew at Open Source Cinema are running an awesome promotion to get yourself included in the NYC theatrical debut of 'Rip! A Remix Manifesto'. Simply edit yourself into Javier Gutierrez's Times Square photo (available at OSC's site) in place of one of the advertisement billboards and they will compile and animation of Times Square being overrun by Free culture activists as opposed to advertisements." — Read the rest

RIP: A Remix Manifesto is now a pay-what-you-like download

The celebrated "open source documentary" RIP: A Remix Manifesto has found a progressive, forward-thinking distributor that is making the film available as a download on a pay-what-you-want basis (alas, the offer is US only, due to the insanity of the film industry):

It's been a peculiar road to get to the point where we could release the film as a download, because obviously this is something we wanted to do right from the get go.

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