Invent privacy & security adventures with Cryptomancer & Mozilla

Brett Gaylor writes, "As part of the Mozilla Privacy Arcade project in this year's Global Sprint, Mozilla is inviting activists, artists, designers, educators, gamers, storytellers, and technologists of all backgrounds to invent new privacy-themed adventures for the role playing game Cryptomancer."

"Cryptomancer is a role-playing game (RPG) that asks, 'What if elves, dwarves, and dragons had the Internet?' In the world of Cryptomancer they have a crystalline Shardnet and a system of magic built around encrypting objects and identities.

"The big idea is to write and share adventures that empower players to champion privacy, security, and digital inclusion wherever they are in the world. Contributors will work together to invent adventures that teach players how to practice strong online safety habits and ensure their Internet (or Shardnet?) health."

What's a Shardnet?
[Chad Sansing/Medium]