Cult of the Dead Cow: the untold story of the hacktivist group that presaged everything great and terrible about the internet

Back in 1984, a lonely, weird kid calling himself Grandmaster Ratte' formed a hacker group in Lubbock, Texas. called the Cult of the Dead Cow, a name inspired by a nearby slaughterhouse. In the decades to come, cDc would become one of the dominant forces on the BBS scene and then the internet — endlessly inventive, funny and prankish, savvy and clever, and sometimes reckless and foolish — like punk-rock on a floppy disk.

Four Thieves Vinegar Collective: DIY epipens were just the start, now it's home bioreactors to thwart Big Pharma's price-gouging

When last we met the Four Thieves Vinegar collective — a group of anarchist scientists who combine free/open chemistry with open source hardware in response to shkrelic gouging by pharma companies — they were announcing the epipencil, a $30 DIY alternative to the Epipen, Mylan's poster-child for price-gouging and profiteering on human misery., CdC's new web data auditing tool, launches

Oxblood Ruffin shares word that Cult of the Dead Cow just launched a large-scale scanner project,

SECURITY ADVISORY: The following program may screw a large Internet search engine and make the Web a safer place.

LUBBOCK, TX, February 20th – Today CULT OF THE DEAD COW (cDc), the world's most attractive hacker group, announced the release of Goolag Scanner, a Web auditing tool.

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Tibetan mesh org hosting community WiFi event in India in Oct.

Tech luminaries, big Silicon Valley companies, and Nepalese sherpas are heading to a community Wi-Fi hoedown this October in the Himalayan foothill town of Dharamshala, India. The agenda: connect the developing world with cheap, wireless mesh networks. I filed a report today for Wired News, after visiting the summit organizers in India:

In October, the Tibetan Technology Center will host the Air Jaldi Summit for wireless community developers from around the world.

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Wireless Binds Tibetan Exiles

I filed a story and photos for Wired News today on the innovative tech underpinnings of a community wireless project I visited recently in Dharamshala, India. Snip:

Across the border from Chinese-occupied Tibet, the tech infrastructure in this high mountain village is a mess.

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Malware repository for security researchers

The hacker group Cult of the Dead Cow has created Offensive Computing, a malware repository site, inviting security researchers and others to upload infectious software of all description, and maintaining a database that any new piece of badware can be compared against. — Read the rest

ScatterChat: anonymous, secure chat

ScatterChat is a new hactivist program from the Cult of the Dead Cow. It's an anonymous chat program that combines gaim, an open source encrypted chat protocol, with TOR, an open source "onion router" that disguises the origin and destination of packets, so that no one can know what you're chatting, nor whom you're chatting with. — Read the rest