Assessing the security of devices by measuring how many difficult things the programmers tried to do

The Cyber Independent Testing Lab is a security measurement company founded by Mudge Zadko (previously), late of the Cult of the Dead Cow and l0pht Heavy Industries and the NSA's Tailored Access Operations Group; it has a unique method for assessing the security of devices derived from methods developed by Mudge at the NSA. Read the rest

Darpa seeks to WikiLeak-proof the Pentagon

At Wired's Danger Room blog, Spencer Ackerman writes about a new Darpa project with an unspecified budget called CINDER: Cyber Insider Threat. "It’s lead by a legendary hacker-turned-Darpa-manager," Peiter “Mudge” Zatko. He's of the hackers of Boston’s L0pht collective. "CINDER may have preceded Pfc. Bradley Mannings’ alleged disclosure of tens of thousands of documents about the Afghanistan war from Defense Department servers," writes Ackerman, "But the idea is to find someone just like him." Read the rest

Hacker/fed seeks hackspaces to give DARPA grants to

Pemdasi sez, "Peiter Zatko, aka mudge, a former member of both the Cult of the Dead Cow and l0pht now works for DARPA and wants to give out short term DARPA contracts to places like hackerspaces to find solutions to cybersecurity concerns. Maybe some lucky hackerspace will get some money to make drone swarms."

He spoke of creating "hacker incubators" and made it clear that the DoD would not request commercial rights to any innovations discovered.

Essentially, Zatko wants to sponsor researchers, rather than providing them with rewards if they do well. This is much more in thinking with typical hacker aspirations--getting somebody to pay the bills while they do the things they love. And, in any case, at the end of the process the hacker or team concerned is free to seek all the rewards they can get for the work.

Zatko merely wants to exploit the huge brain power and creativity of the hacker community, and as a former member, he knows exactly what makes it tick. Although his scheme will not go into operation for a few months yet, the signs are that it might produce results that improve security for all of us.

Government Employs Hackers in Brave New Scheme

(Thanks, Pemdasi, via Submitterator!)

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Wikileak-proofing the Pentagon

"By hunting for poker-like "tells" in people's use of Defense Department computer networks, Darpa hopes to find indications of indicate hostile intent or potential removal of sensitive data." Wired reports that Ex-L0phter Peiter "Mudge" Zatko is working for DARPA to "Wikileak-proof" military networks. Read the rest

Merry Christmashup! MP3 of remixed holiday tunes

Boing Boing reader Dane Johnson says,

"Some Assembly Required" is a radio show on 770 AM radio K in Minneapolis, MN. It's about mashups and sound collage -- Jon Nelson, who does the show, made a great 50- minute X-Mas Mix. Take a listen!


DJ John – “The Christmas massacre of Charlie Brown" * John Oswald – “White” * Corporal Blossom – “The Christmas song (chestnuts)” * Corporal Blossom - “Little drummer boy” * Escape Mechanism – “Elf song” * Dummy Run – “Jolly holiday” * The Evolution Control Committee - “The Christmas wrong” * No-L – “Have yourself a merry little Christmas” * Cassetteboy - “XFM Christmas cut up” * Diffusion – “dnbchristmas” * Lovecraft Technologies – “Frosty the snowman” * Poj Masta - “Santar Klaws” * Mr. Fab and The RIAA – “Santa's acid hawaiian space disco” * Corporal Blossom – “White Christmas”


Reader comment: K7AAY says,

The formalities of the season must be observed, and one of them is the Original MashUp, brought to us by The First Blogger, the esteemed Dr. Jerry Pournelle: Link. One might wish to go back to the original source, however, and short of a trip to Fort Mudge in the depths of the Okeefenokee, this site may be a viable reference for serious scholars wishing alternative references.

Update: Jon Nelson of "Some Assembly Required" says:

Hi! I received word that someone posted to boingboing about my SAR Xmas Mix - a special christmas mix of sound collages I posted to my radio show's podcast.

Read the rest