Dan Gillmor's next project, "Permission Taken" – the theory and practice of "going free" with your technology

Dan Gillmor has posted the outline of "Permission Taken," a new project he's taken on to explain what he's gone through in his journey from using proprietary systems to open and free ones. Gillmor — one of Silicon Valley's best-respected columnists — is a sophisticated technology user, and he's always understood that there is value to going free/open, as well as costs in terms of learning how to do things differently. — Read the rest

Dan Gillmor's Mediactive: masterclass in 21st century journalism demands a net-native news-media

Dan "We, the Media" Gillmor's latest book, Mediactive is a master-class in media literacy for the 21st century. Gillmor, a former star reporter at the San Jose Mercury News, serial entrepreneur, and journalism professor, has produced an extraordinary text that disrupts the current poor-me narrative of failing journalistic business models and counters it with a set of sensible, entrepreneurial proposals for an Internet era news-media that invites broad participation without surrendering critical thinking and healthy skepticism. — Read the rest

Boing Boing guest blogger: Dan Gillmor!


We're pleased to present our next guest blogger, Dan Gillmor!

Dan is director of the new Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University's Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Communication. He heads the Center for Citizen Media, an affiliate of the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University Law School and Arizona State, and is author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People (O'Reilly Media, 2004), a book that explains the rise of citizens' media and why it matters. — Read the rest

Dan Gillmor explains "citizen journalism"

Dan Gillmor, the hero and lion of "citizen journalism," gave a tremendous speech on what participatory, 21st-century news-reporting can and should look like at at Columbia's Hearst New Media Lecture, and he's posted the transcript on his blog:

This is called a "New Media" lecture.

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Dan Gillmor's commentary audio files

Dan Gillmor, a newspaper columnist-turned-news-social-entrepreneur, has started posting short audio clips of observational commentary on his locale in Silicon Valley. These are strongly reminiscent of the little NPR commentary pieces or even the better class of Andy Rooney 60 Minutes afterwards, and have the great virtue of being short and well-formed, the kind of thing that would be great to aggregate between news pieces or other longer bits. — Read the rest

Joi Ito, Dan Gillmor on Korea's blogging scene

An insightful series of travelogue posts from Joi Ito, who is presently geeking out among bloggers in SoKo.

Korea is reported by the OECD to have the highest high-speed Internet penetration of any nation. Korea has an extremely vibrant gaming, blogging, mobile phone and youth culture scene and I was eager to find out more about what was going on.

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Dan Gillmor's last Merc column

Dan Gillmor's final column in the San Jose Mercury News runs today, marking the end of a ten-year career in reporting on tech journalism — Dan's leaving to start a company that will enable "grassroots journalism," capitalizing on a trend that he's very parrionate about. — Read the rest

Dan Gillmor launches new life

Pioneering journalist and fearless tech explorer Dan Gillmor has a new home on the web — and new plans. He writes:

For the first time in two decades I'm not on the payroll of a large media corporation. As of today I'm on the payroll of a one-person company, comprised of me, but media is still on my agenda.

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Dan Gillmor to leave SJ Merc News

One of the journalists I respect most in this world, Dan Gillmor, is leaving his post at the San Jose Mercury News to "work on a citizen journalism project." I know I'm not alone in expecting continued greatness from this man. — Read the rest

Dan Gillmor's new book, We

Dan Gillmor's new book, We the Media, has hit the shelves. I was asked to read this earlier for a blurb, and was completely taken with it — it's the sort of book that I will be encouraging others to read for years to come, the sort of book that underpins both my work at EFF (because so much of Dan's thesis about democratized reportage hinges on the importance of a free and open network) and my work as an sf writer (because Dan's vision of the future is so compelling. — Read the rest

Dan Gillmor's travel notes

Dan Gillmor is a road warrior ne plus ultra, making travellers like me look like punters. He's devoted this week's column to travel tips, and is soliciting your additional tips.

Conflicting forces are affecting the road warrior's existence. The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and their aftermath caused governments and the travel industry to add new layers of woe.

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Dan Gillmor's Reboot talk

Here are my notes from Dan Gillmor's talk at Reboot ("Making the News").

Assembling an amateur newsroom

* US SpaceCom asked for amateurs to ftp up pix of the shuttle

* BBC asked for demonstrators to send in photos

* Self-assembling newsroom: group real-time linking to war

* Moblogging: Not sure on the concept, but sure that it matters,
it's a big deal that people can take photos and send them
straight to the Web (it will only get worse: the cameras are
getting smaller).

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Dan Gillmor on phonecam nation

From Dan Gillmor's column and blog (which now includes phonecam snapshots):

I've noted before the potential for making these cameras an integral part of tomorrow's journalism, as when everyday folks might capture breaking news or get evidence of wrongdoing. I've thought less about the evident drawbacks, which are unfortunately growing as well.

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Journalism 3.1b2, Dan Gillmor's talk at ETCON

Here are my notes from Journalism 3.1b2, Dan Gillmor's talk at ETCON.

New choices for the subjects of journalism (the "covered")

* Judo journos — WashPo's post-9-11 series included an interview with Rumsfeld,
followed by Defense Dept posting the full interview with Rumsfeld.

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