Hiphop/bluegrass mashup: Gangstagrass

Mashup artist Rench has released a free album of "gangstagrass" music — hiphop mashed with bluegrass. The mixes are really good, in that, "Hey, who knew those two really different flavors worked so well together?" way that makes mashups so much fun to listen to. — Read the rest

Gweek 055: Rainn Wilson's Soul Pancake

Gweek 055 600 wide

Click here to play this episode. Gweek is a podcast where the editors and friends of Boing Boing talk about comic books, science fiction and fantasy, video games, TV shows, music, movies, tools, gadgets, apps, and other neat stuff.

My co-hosts for episode 55 are:

Ruben Bolling, the author of the weekly comic strip Tom the Dancing Bug, which premieres each week on Boing Boing,

Michael Pusateri, a lifelong tinkerer and former television tech executive for Disney who blogs at Cruftbox,

and Rainn Wilson, the actor and comedian best known for his role as Dwight Schrute in the hit series The Office. — Read the rest