Whiplash: Joi Ito's nine principles of the Media Lab in book form

I first started writing about the remarkable Joi Ito in 2002, and over the decade and a half since, I've marvelled at his polymath abilities -- running international Creative Commons, starting and investing in remarkable tech businesses, getting Timothy Leary's ashes shot into space, backing Mondo 2000, using a sprawling Warcraft raiding guild to experiment with leadership and team structures, and now, running MIT's storied Media Lab -- and I've watched with excitement as he's distilled his seemingly impossible-to-characterize approach to life in a set of 9 compact principles, which he and Jeff Howe have turned into Whiplash, a voraciously readable, extremely exciting, and eminently sensible book.

Joi Ito: What's in my bag

Joi Ito: I change my bag depending on whether it's likely I'll be riding a bike, snowmobile, etc. I also sometimes carry an iPad. The amount and type of dive gear and camera(s) changes with where I'm traveling to as well. However, this is a pretty good sample of what is typically in my bag these days.

(BBtv) Stormtrooping Akihabara: Silicon Valley meets Tokyo meets Star Wars meets Sexy Maids / feat. Joi Ito + Danny Choo

I hope you are sitting down when you hit "play." Joi Ito, the host of today's special Boing Boing tv episode from Tokyo, explains what you're about to witness:

This year, the Digital Garage New Context Conference and Ellen Levy's Silicon Valley Connect worked together on a program for visitors from Silicon Valley to Tokyo.

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Joi Ito on WoW's project management lessons

Joi Ito's talk at the 23rd Chaos Communications Congress in Berlin last week aimed to explain his obsession with World of Warcraft and MMOs in general. I saw Joi give a version of this talk once before — he's basically working on the idea that these tools are an amazing way to learn leadership, teamwork, project management, planning and so forth (and he notes that blue-collar construction workers are generally better leaders than MBAs). — Read the rest

Joi Ito remembers Timothy Leary

To mark the tenth anniversary of Timothy Leary's death, Joi Ito has posted a long remembrance of his relationship with the man — physchedelic guru and cyber-enthusiast. Joi was Leary's godson and the executor of his estate.

In LA, I spent a lot of time with Tim working on a book and producing a TV show in Japan called "The New Breed" based on our conversations.

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Joi Ito's NYT op-ed on Hiroshima, Nagasaki

Snip from Joi Ito's blog:

In the middle of my slightly insane two sleepless days at OSCON, I got an email from the New York Times asking me to write an op ed. They wanted me to write about my thoughts about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki for the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the bombing.

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Joi Ito, Dan Gillmor on Korea's blogging scene

An insightful series of travelogue posts from Joi Ito, who is presently geeking out among bloggers in SoKo.

Korea is reported by the OECD to have the highest high-speed Internet penetration of any nation. Korea has an extremely vibrant gaming, blogging, mobile phone and youth culture scene and I was eager to find out more about what was going on.

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Joi Ito's Takenoko HOWTO

Joi Ito has posted a neat photo set documenting the process of hunting, unearthing, prepping, and cooking bamboo shoots. They're called takenoko in Japanese, and they're mighty delicioso. "It's nearing the end of the season," he says, "but there were still enough in our backyard for a few meals' worth." — Read the rest

Joi Ito nominated to join ICANN board

Joi Ito says:

I've just been nominated to the board of ICANN (Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers) and will be officially joining already seated members at the conclusion of the ICANN Meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, December 1 – 5.

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