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Fancy banana lamp

Would you just look at the $295 Seletti Banana Lamp [Bergdorf Goodman]. Read the rest

20 years of blogging at Boing Boing

Twenty years ago today, Boing Boing became a blog. Mark Frauenfelder's first post linked to Street Tech, a now-dormant gadget blog. Now there are 160,000 more posts just like it and the impossible task of summarizing the best of them in yet another.

Founded as a print zine in 1988 by Mark and Carla Sinclair, Mark's personal retrospective posted earlier today is a must-read; following are a few of our greatest hits, proudest accomplishments, clickiest traffic monsters, and best features of all time.

Despite the tens of millions of words in our database – mostly wonderful things – it's oftentimes the shortest posts that get the most attention.

So it was with Xeni Jardin's Ralph Lauren opens new outlet store in the Uncanny Valley, a single-sentence reblog of a now-vanished post at another site highlighting the incompetently dysmorphic photomanipulations in one of the fashion house's ads.

Ralph Lauren tried to force us to remove the post, to no avail.

That wasn't our first rodeo, either. In 2008, were were sued by MagicJack, makers of a VoIP dongle, after criticizing its terms of service. We stood our ground and beat them in court. Ten years later, Playboy sued us for posting about someone else's uploaded cover collection, claiming that linking to things is a form of copyright infringement. We beat them too, with the help of able friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

It's not all law and chaos, though.

Mark Frauenfelder says he's most proud of his two-part series on the fortified residential mailboxes of Los Angeles, Survival of the fittest mailbox and Fortified mailboxes, part 2. Read the rest

Just look at these decorated ruckus-causing lunchtime bananas

Just look at them. (Thanks, Marion!) Read the rest

Just look at this Emshwiller galactic 1961 F&SF banana

Just look at it.

(Thanks Robbo!) Read the rest

Just look at this banana-based demo of the Iphone wide-angle lens

Just look at it.

(Thanks, stasike!) Read the rest

Just look at this banana hammock

Bananas that are as ripe as depicted in this banana hammock do not ap-peel to me at all (yuk!), but I can't help but appreciate the effort nonetheless.

As Cory would write, just look at it.

(Dude I Want That) Read the rest

Just look at this 3D printable "banana knight"

Just look at it. (Thanks, Geoff Cole) Read the rest

Just look at this vintage "banana candle" recipe

Just look at it.

(Thanks, Seth!) Read the rest

Just look at this suspect's gun that turned out to be a banana

Just look at it.

(Thanks, Mom!) Read the rest

Just look at this banana-based feminist protest movement in Poland.

Just look at it. (Thanks, Matthew!) Read the rest

Just look at Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8's "Boing boing" bouncy ball and a banana

Interesting how these two things managed to find their way into the same Season of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Bananas. Read the rest

Just look at this 1943 Busby Berkeley banana dance

Just look at it. (Thanks, Greg Cook!) Read the rest

Just look at this manually pixellated banana and apple

Tokyo based artist Yuni Yoshida created her Layered series by manually cutting out cubed "pixels" of foods that recreate the gestalt of the original. Read the rest

Just look at this racist talking robot banana

Mike from the Useless Duck Company simply wanted to make a dancing and talking banana robot. For his troubles, he got banned from Twitch due to racist and sexist content. Read the rest

Just look at Nokia's revived banana phone

Once again offered in black and banana yellow, the new Nokia 8110 has a few upgrades on the original (such as 4G, a better camera, and more than 16 ringtones). But the classic's vaguely erotic curve is left exactly as it was.

It's hitting stores in Asia this month and will surely pop up online shortly thereafter; there doesn't seem to be any word on an official U.S. release. It's being made under license by HMD, which is developing its own operating system and appstore for dumbphones.

[Photo: LutherBlisset] Read the rest

Just look at this exploding, extremely ripe wild banana.

Just look at it.

(Thanks, Gwynne!) Read the rest

Just look at this banana-futures-speculation cryptocurrency

Just look at it. Read the rest

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