Just look at these bananas

Look at it.

Just look at this adorable little Banana Kid Amigurumi (pattern) by Allison Hoffman of craftyiscool.com.

Just look at it.

Just look at this banana piñata, a "bañata," if you will, by Piñata Artist Meaghan Kennedy.

But also just look at this.

Iconic banana letterpress print by Milkfed Press
Look at this iconic banana letterpress print by Milkfed Press.

Then look at this.

Banana peel-scented Possum Air Freshener by Archie McPhee
This banana. Well, Possum Air Freshener scented like a banana peel by Archie McPhee, that is.

Look at this too.

Banana peel-safety cone
It's the banana peel-safety mashup that needed to happen, and did. :: photo by Rusty Blazenhoff

I mean, just look at this banana. It's part of a club.

Now I want you to just look at this.

Just look at this year's hottest garden sculpture, the banana duck.

Ok, just look at this then.

Just look at this banana pattern Subversive Cross Stitch whipped up for this post.

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This post's for all the banana lovers out there, but especially Cory.