publishes secret guidelines for the federal "Test for Espionage and Sabotage," a psuedoscientific feature of government life

George Maschke from (previously) writes, "Thousands of individuals are annually compelled to undergo a pseudoscientific polygraph screening ritual called the 'Test for Espionage and Sabotage.' The administration guide for this procedure, which is marked 'For Official Use Only' is now publicly available."

Saving Energy Without Derision

BoingBoing reader George W. Maschke says,

Saving Energy Without Derision (5 mb PDF) is a new (and free) e-book by former Sandia National Laboratories senior scientist Dr. Alan P. Zelicoff. This book is intended to be a real-world, no-nonsense, thoroughly documented collection of easy-to-implement recommendations to help the average thoughtful person to pick the "low-hanging fruit" of conservation and renewable energy.

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Lie detectors are a lie! is a site devoted to debunking the idea that polygraphs can actually detect lies.

On this website, you will learn that polygraph "testing" is:

* Theoretically unsound and is not a valid diagnostic technique.

* Entirely dependent on the polygrapher lying to and deceiving the examinee.

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