Portrait made from typewriter parts

Sculptor Jeremy Mayer writes, "This is my latest project- a portrait commission.

The client, Mark Pelzner, came to me with 3 typewriters bequeathed to him by his late father, Marvyn Pelzner. Mark wanted me to take those typewriters and make a likeness of his dad that would be mounted on a box which holds Marvyn's ashes. — Read the rest

Typewriter skull

Jeremy Mayer, the titan of typewriter-part sculptures, has sacrificed some more old beasts for a good cause, producing this wonderful 9"x12"x15" skull.

Skull I

(Thanks, Jeremy)

Typewriter bust: Grandfather

Jeremy Mayer sez,

Here are a couple of photos of my latest typewriter component assemblage, Bust V (Grandfather).
The initial inspiration for the piece was that I wanted to create a self-portrait in my old age. I wanted to say something about aging, transition (particularly transition into new technology), and the place of the personal mechanical machine in modern society, all without making the piece look too "robotic".

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Deer made from typewriter parts

Artist Jeremy Mayer created this sweet, delicate little deer out of typewriter parts.

Deer III

(via Super Punch)

Typewriter-parts cat

New from Jeremy Meyer, who makes brilliant assemblage sculptures out of typewriter parts: Cat XXI, a classic Hallowe'en cat rendered skeletal and wistful through the medium of obsolete mechanical components.

Typewriter-part penguin

Jeremy Meyer, who sculpts beautiful animals and humans out of typewriter parts and other romantic twen-cen junque, has just completed this commission, a typewriter-part penguin. He says, "My latest- a penguin about 13 inches tall, made from typewriter parts. A commission. — Read the rest