Forced exorcism in Hong Kong shopping mall

A young woman is the victim of an unsolicited exorcism in a Hong Kong shopping mall.

"There are no dissidents in China."

"There are no dissidents in China." That's a direct quote from China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman.

Chinese netizens stage virtual protest

"War of Internet Addiction" is an hour-long machinima that satirizes Beijing's attempt to censor -- or "harmonize" -- China's Internet.

1980s "China retro" shop opens in Shanghai

The romance and energy of 1980s China is now captured in Shanghai's new Nengmao Store

Valentine's Day... with ventricles

Given my nerd-love for all things literal, I'm quite taken by the silver Anatomical Heart Locket spotted on Etsy.

My own private... hydrogen power station?

Inventor Taras Wankewycz shows me a table-top hydrogen power station that can extract hydrogen from water to be used in fuel cells. You heard right -- a personal hydrogen power station that can sit right on your kitchen counter.

Pen spinning gets competitive in Hong Kong

Pen spinning gets competitive in Hong Kong, where 100 contestants were recently judged on the style, difficulty, creativity, and fluidity of their pen tricks.

Shanghai's Crackdown on... Pajamas

With the 2010 World Expo just three months away, Shanghai officials have launched a public etiquette clampdown targeting pajama-wearing in public.


The big bad boy of Japanese sumo wrestling bows out.

Eyeing the Tiger: Feng Shui Index

In Hong Kong, investors can "feng shui" their finances in the Year of the Tiger... thanks to a popular guide.

Back to the Moon... in Lego

A vintage print ad from 1983 features Lego... in space!

China's Chuck Taylors

Meet the "Warrior"... a 75 year old Chinese sneaker brand out to position itself as a hipster trainer in the West.