• 3 Ways Email Validation API Can Help Marketers

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    Are your emails reaching their intended audiences? If not, you may only be wasting money with your email marketing efforts. Tools such as emailverification.whoisxmlapi.com can help ensure that your emails serve their purpose—get to your recipients' mailbox and persuade them to convert. An email validator API improves marketing in three ways, but first, let's briefly discuss what email validation is.

    What Is Email Validation?

    Email validation or verification is the process of ensuring that email addresses exist, are valid, and can receive messages. While this can be done manually, an email validation API and other verification tools can make the process easier and more accurate. Email validator APIs typically can:

    • Check for typos and common misspellings
    • Detect disposable email addresses
    • Ensure that email addresses meet the syntax requirements of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), that is, they should be in the format local-part@domain
    • Check if email addresses have corresponding mailboxes and mail exchanger (MX) records

    How Can Email Validation API Help Marketers?

    Integrating an email validator API into the customer signup process ensures that the email addresses you send marketing content to receive messages. Therefore, such tools can help reduce hard bounces. In particular, marketers can benefit from an email validation API in three ways.

    Improve Email Deliverability

    Email deliverability is among the most critical metrics in email marketing. It is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers' inboxes, which several factors can affect. For one, if the email address is invalid or does not exist, that results in a hard bounce.

    Consider a potential customer who misspelled his/her email address during the mailing list subscription process. Instead of myname@gmail[.]com, the address recorded in your mailing list is myname@gmall[.]com. Left unchecked, marketing emails sent to this and other misspelled or invalid email addresses would result in hard bounces.

    However, an email validation API would alert the potential customer that the email address he/she typed in is not valid.

    The email verification tool checks if the email address has a corresponding mailbox and domain. The email address myname@gmall[.]com failed in both checks.

    Avoid Spam Traps

    Another major factor that affects email deliverability is when Internet service providers (ISPs) and email service providers tag your messages as spam. ISPs create email addresses that serve as spam traps to determine which marketers send messages to people without their consent.

    Having even a single spam trap email address on your distribution list could be detrimental to your email deliverability and sender reputation. The ISP that owns the spam trap could categorize all your emails as spam in no time, or worse, your email service provider could suspend your sending capability.

    As such, it is vital to regularly clean your mailing list to ensure that it does not contain spam traps. And since spam traps look like any other email address, email validation API can help detect them by conducting a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) check. Spam traps typically don't have SMTP connections since they are not designed to send emails. They also don't have MX records, so they would fail when the email validator API checks for MX record existence.

    Increase ROIs

    Done right, email marketing could yield one of the highest returns on investment (ROIs) among other marketing channels. A good rule of thumb is: The more people reached, the higher the chances of conversion. And by ensuring that email addresses are valid and existing, your marketing content is delivered to intended audiences.

    Aside from improving email deliverability, an email validation API also ensures that marketing content is delivered to the correct audience (i.e., those who are more likely to convert). People who use disposable or temporary email domains are less likely to open marketing emails. As such, an email validator API also checks if an email address was created using one of the thousands disposable email address providers.

    Marketers face fierce competition everywhere, which is why it's always a good idea to employ tools that make their jobs easier and more effective. Email Verification API can augment email marketing strategies in several ways. It can reduce hard bounces while avoiding spam traps. The results? Improved email deliverability and better ROIs.

  • Cannaflour Keto Pumpkin Loaf 

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    Keto is the nutritional diet taking the health world by storm. Only way to make keto better? Add a little canna! Read on for a simple breakdown on making your own cannaflour to use in our Keto Pumpkin Loaf! Furthermore, more individuals are turning to CBD edibles, like Tribe CBD Gummies, for their dose of daily CBD. If you would rather make your own cannaflour, feel free to follow the recipe below!

    What is cannaflour and how is it made?
    Not like butter or cooking oil infusions, cannaflour encompasses cooking with and consuming ground-up cannabis. Cannaflour is easy to prepare and is a core staple of cooking with cannabis. To properly prepare your cannaflour, be sure you are using cannabis that has been decarboxylated cannabis (aka, heated) ground very finely. The preparation and storage of cannaflour is very important, to ensure freshness and taste. To decarboxylate your cannabis, preheat oven to 200-250 degrees. On a large baking sheet, spread your cannabis and place in oven between 40-60 minutes, rotating the sheet or flipping the cannabis throughout to ensure even heating. Remove from oven and allow to cool. Next grind your cannabis as finely as possible, using a blender or food processor.

    Related: If you're looking for a high-strength CBD tincture, check out Blue Ribbon Hemp's 5,000 mg CBD tincture!

    Next, combine ½ cup finely ground cannabis with 1 cup flour of your choice for a cannaflour mixture. Or keep your ground and dried cannabis in a separate air-tight container and add to flour or recipes directly. Keep in mind, whether as a combined mixture or on its own, cannaflour will have an earthy herbal taste to it. For this recipe, our cannaflour preference is 1 tablespoon of pure cannaflour combined with almond and coconut flour as dry ingredients for a great keto-friendly mix.

    Now that we have our cannaflour, let's get down to the tasty goodness! Read on for a delicious and elevating Keto Pumpkin Loaf.

    Cannaflour Keto Pumpkin Loaf



Cannaflour 1 Tbsp

    • Almond Flour 1 1/4 Cups 

    • Coconut Flour 1 1/4 Cups 
    • Psyllium Husk 2 Tbsp
Flaxseed 1/2 Cup
Gaia Goldenmilk Mix or Turmeric 1 1/2 Tbsp
Pumpkin Pie Spice 2 Tbsp
Baking Powder 1 Tbsp
Walnuts Chopped 1/4 cup
Pumpkin Seeds 1/4 cup
Eggs 3
    • Demerara or Coconut Sugar 2 Tbsp

    • Unsweetened Apple Sauce 1/2cup
Pumpkin Puree 15 oz
Coconut Oil 4 Tbsp
Ghee 1 Tbsp


Prep: Preheat oven to 400F 

1. Mix all dry ingredients in large bowl with a whisk.
2. Combine all wet ingredients in separate bowl.
    3. Fold together with dry ingredients.
    4. Bake in a greased loaf pan for about 50 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean! 5. Try to let the loaf cool before slicing and enjoying with butter, whipped cream, cream cheese, or your favorite nut butter.
    6. Stay stoney! 

    For more CBD recipes like this one, make sure to check out CBD Seniors!

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