Win a guitar from Loog

This post is a heartfelt "thank you" from Loog Guitars CEO Rafael Atijas. Loog is a company that we at Boing Boing are proud to have helped grow. We are thrilled to see them join us as a sponsor. To enter for a chance to win one of their guitars, email by November 26, 2015.

Four years ago I had an idea: what if a children's guitar wasn't just small but also had other features that made it fun and easy to learn how to play?

That's how I came up with Loog Guitars: a line of 3-string kits that kids can build with their parents and, in that way, connect with their instrument at a deeper level. The 3 strings still let kids and beginners play chords and, therefore, any song. But, with fewer things to learn, it's easier to play and to make sense of what they are playing.

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I took this idea to Kickstarter and that's how Loog Guitars, which is now a 4 year old business, was born.

Later, I pushed my luck and ran a second Kickstarter campaign to make an electric version of the Loog Guitar. Running a Kickstarter campaign, especially one for physical products, is really no cakewalk and can be pretty nerve-wracking. You have to keep on pushing without coming off as spammy or annoying, while keeping an eye on the still-ticking clock urging you closer toward the goal. You feel like you're fighting an impossible fight, until you reach your goal and everything's okay with the world again.

For both of our Kickstarter campaigns, that moment came right after Boing Boing posted about us. We always say that Loog Guitars would not exist if not for our Kickstarter backers. And it's also fair to assume that we would have never reached our goal if it wasn't for those two BoingBoing posts. This is why we're writing this post. We want to thank the Boing Boing community by throwing a giveaway consisting of three separate prizes:

  • A complete set of Loog Guitars (an Electric Loog and an Acoustic Loog) plus Loog accessories for both: stands, backpacks, straps and tuners.
  • An Electric Loog Guitar with accessories
  • An Acoustic Loog Guitar with accessories

To enter, all you have to do is send an email to by Nov. 26th, 2015! We'll announce winners shortly thereafter.

There will only be three winners, so here's a little something for everyone else: a 20% off discount code, exclusive for BoingBoing readers (shhh!): THXBOINGBOINGERS.

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We are still a tiny (not small: tiny) company, but strong in our quest for something much bigger than us: helping kids learn how to play music in a fun, engaging way. Bonding through music used to be a huge family activity. Today, it is increasingly rare. We want to change that and make the world a more musical place. But that's just the driving energy behind Loog Guitars; the purpose of this post is just to say thank you.

So, thank you Boing Boingers! You are awesome :)