Get the wireless recharging power battery that looks just like a Walkman

Call it retro. Call it a throwback. Even call it kitsch. But the 80s are still a singular time in pop culture history.  From Ghostbusters and Back to the Future to your neighborhood arcade and the Atari 2600, artifacts of that seminal decade still resonate, evoking audible excitement and sighs of pleasant yesteryear remembrance.

But out of that neon-saturated, spandex-infused, go-go-decade, there may be no more symbolically fitting encapsulation of the entire era than the device that revolutionized music back in the day: the Sony Walkman and the dawn of personal audio players.

Even if you weren’t around to see that revolution firsthand in 1980, getting your hands on the Replitronics Hotline 16000 Power Bank will convince everybody that you were — even though it serves a very 2020 function.

It’s designed to look exactly like an early 80s vintage personal cassette player, right down to the old-school buttons and that plastic cover window that lets you watch your tape spin round and round. 

But beyond being a cool conversation piece, the Replitronics Hotline 16000 is a modern-day beast, offering enough juice to power up to three devices back to full strength all at once. 

With a mighty 16,000 mAh battery inside, this unit can feed power via USB 3.0, USB-C, and even wireless Qi charging all at the same time. Just plug in your iPhone and the Hotline will get you from dead to fully powered in just over an hour or in just under three if you’re charging wirelessly.

Either way, the Hotline serves up fast, hassle-free power at top speed. And rather than charge up with one of those boring gunmetal silver or obsidian black-cased modern-day power batteries, you can instead crank up the juice in a package that’ll bring smiles and comments from almost everyone.

Of course, the Hotline is also sporting some of today’s most important charging technologies under the hood as well, including protection against surging, overcharges, overheating or a short circuit.

Fully funded by nostalgia-fueled backers on Kickstarter to the tune of $91,000, you can pick up a Replitronics Hotline 16000 Power Bank now with a $5 savings off the regular price, only $34.99.

Prices are subject to change.


Replitronics Hotline 16000 Power Bank - $34.99

Power up for $34.99

iPad looks great in an SE/30 case

At Reddit, mtietje posted this remarkable photo of their lockdown project: an iPad stand made using an old Macintosh SE/30. The display size is perfect for the 9.7" iPad, and now that iPadOS can use mice they work much better as "normal" computers.

Se/30 shells turn up on eBay now and again. One's there now with bidding at $15. Shipping tends to really bloat the price of even a broken model with the bits still inside. I doubt you could reasonably shave down the SE/30 display housing to fit an iPad Pro, unfortunately: you'd lose all the beveling.

Now, the iMac G4 (below) came with a 15" screen that a 12.7" iPad Pro might hack into without looking too small. Maybe you could even just remove the display entirely and magnet the iPad on the arm?

Footage shows Louisville police shooting pepper rounds at news crew

In the footage below, broadcast live by an NBC affiliate and posted to Twitter by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, a news crew moves into the street near a line of riot police. Protestors are not nearby in significant numbers and the police are not engaging them. A cop steps forward from the line and opens fire on the news crew with what appear to be pepper rounds.

Video of the encounter shows Kaitlin Rust, a reporter for CBS affiliate WAVE 3 News, narrating as she walks around the area of the protest before suddenly screaming: "I'm getting shot!" Rust appears shocked but continues reporting, explaining what's happening as the camera focuses in on an officer pointing a gun with pepper bullets at the cameraman. ... The incident took place as police were reportedly trying to clear the area of large groups of protesters. It is unclear why the police chose to open fire on the reporters.

When policing is this violent and contemptuous of constitutional rights, it seems pointless to single out specific aspects of the problem. The shooter's immediate goal for opening fire on the news crew is stop the filming. He didn't get what he wanted, but he won't face any consequences, either.

Supreme Court rejects church lockdown exemption

The Supreme Court ruled friday that lockdown rules during the Covid-19 pandemic do not place an unconstitutional burden on free speech. The court's four liberals were joined by chief justice John Roberts to form a 5-4 majority over the other conservative justices; the case concerned a church's right to fill the pews after California governor Gavin Newsome imposed a 25%-or-100-person occupancy limit.

Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the court's liberals in rejecting a San Diego church's request for relief from Gov. Gavin Newsom's most recent directive limiting churches to 25% of their normal maximum capacity, with an absolute maximum of 100 people at any service.

In a three-page opinion issued just before the stroke of midnight Washington time, Roberts said it would be unwise for the court to intervene on an emergency basis as state officials try to grapple with the ebb and flow of a pandemic caused by a highly infectious and sometimes deadly virus.

Deep Spock

Jarkan deepfaked Leonard Nimoy into the 2009 Star Trek movie, replacing Zachary Quinto in the scene where he meets an older version of himself from a parallel universe. This is surely going to be entering the regular toolkit of cinema soon enough, resurrecting the dead for new films. It's already more natural and convincing than CG--compare to digital Moff Tarkin, for example, which just looked like a videogame cutscene to me. But it also fails more completely; it's still Quinto at odd angles.

Kickstart your freelance career with the help of these online classes

With millions out of work, the global economy in a sharp recession, and legitimate fears for the future abound, you might think this is absolutely the worst time to strike out on your own and be your own boss as a work-for-hire freelancer.

But according to numbers compiled by financial services company Payoneer, the current state of the freelance market might not be as dire as you think. While some freelancers have reported a downturn in demand, almost 40 percent said they’ve seen no change or even an increase in business over the past three months. A resounding 75 percent said their rates were still unchanged by the pandemic; and the average 2020 freelance hourly rate remained higher than it was just two years ago.

If you can get past the fear, the opportunity is still there for those looking to make it on their own. 

And the training in the Kickstart Your Freelance Career Course Bundle can help you chart your path toward independence and prosperity working remotely as a skilled freelancer.

Over these eight courses, students earn a thorough understanding of what it takes to carve out a profitable living working for yourself as well as step-by-step guides and tips on launching a fulfilling freelance career.

The Freelance Kickstart: Start a Successful Business You Love and Sales and Marketing for Freelancers courses cut right to the heart of the matter by laying out how to achieve the twin pillars of a successful freelance lifestyle: handling assignments and clients like a true business, and forging the right mindset to succeed in that often competitive space. Students also learn the basics of a marketing plan to find and land new partnership accounts.

Meanwhile, the Freelance Success For Artists: A Quick and Easy Guide and The Complete Freelance Writing Courses dig into the specific considerations of these two large freelancing groups, offering guidance on creating a winning portfolio, building a reputation and experience, increasing income and staying on task without getting overwhelmed or succumbing to fear.

Of course, part of succeeding as a freelancer is succeeding in the arenas where freelancers are found. With How to Win Jobs Freelancing On UpWork, Kickstart a Freelance Editor and Proofreader Career on Upwork, and Fiverr: Start a Profitable Fiverr Freelance Business Today, the coursework examines how to navigate popular freelance job venues like Fiverr and Upwork. This training explains how to put together successful bid letters, find jobs that speak to your abilities and interests, and forge lasting and profitable relationships with clients.

The course package usually runs almost $1,600, but right now, the whole collection is on sale for a fraction of that total, just $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.


Kickstart Your Freelance Career Course Bundle - $29.99

Start a new career for $29.99

Minneapolis Mayor declares curfew after protests over impunity in George Floyd killing

The Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, has declared a curfew for the city following protests over impunity in the killing of George Floyd.

An 8 p.m. curfew imposed by the mayor late Friday will extend through the weekend.


Cop who killed George Floyd arrested

Minneapolis ablaze after prosecutor suggests no crime was committed by cops who killed George Floyd

• The cop who killed George Floyd has a long record of police brutality

This brush set enlists your power drill in the war on germs and dirt

For years, dirty countertops, appliances, or bathroom fixtures were just kind of gross. But unkempt corners of your kitchen and bathroom aren’t just a sign of laziness anymore. Now, they’re a potential breeding ground for infectious disease. 

You can’t just limp through cleaning these days. You’ve gotta get rigorous about it, which means it’s no longer acceptable to bring a knife to a gunfight. The Drill Brush Cleaning Supply Kit not only ups the ante on your household cleaning regimen, but it handles the task by repurposing one of your toolkit favorites, your trusty power drill.

This set included four different brush heads, each designed with unique shapes and bristle stiffnesses to attach to your cordless drill for specific cleaning jobs. 

Snap on the 5-inch medium stiffness brush for getting stubborn dirt off your kitchen countertops or bathroom flat surfaces. Or switch out to the 5-inch soft brush to apply a lighter touch for items like carpet, upholstery, glass, leather, wheels, and more.

However, if you need to go big, this kit comes prepared. The 4-inch stiff brush really digs in, attacking dirt and other built-up filth on areas like tile walls and floors or even linoleum. Finally, the 4-inch scrub pad stands ready to step in when you need to clean stainless steel, porcelain, or composites like fiberglass or carbon fiber. The brushes are all even color-coded to help avoid the threat of any cross-contamination.

You’ll also get a backer attachment to connect your scrub pads as well as a 4-ounce bottle of Drill-Tergent, a non-toxic clean solution that obliterates 99 percent of germs on all of your household surfaces.

Applying the power of your drill, you won’t have to throw all that elbow grease into hand scrubbing and scouring with scratchy steel wool anymore. The Drill Brush was also created for handheld cleaning of cast iron pots and pans, even with baked-on food or grease. These brushes snap on and off easily and can be safely used on stoves, sinks, baseboards, ovens, oven racks, flooring, or basically anywhere that needs some serious cleaning attention.

 With an impressive 4.6 out of 5-star rating from reviewers on Amazon, this set usually retails for $39. But you can save almost $10 off the price of the Drill Brush Cleaning Supply Kit right now and get the whole set for just $29.95.

 Prices are subject to change.


Drill Brush® Cleaning Supply Kit with Cleaning Solution - $29.95

Clean it all for $29.95

Watch: SpaceX prototype Starship rocket just exploded in a big fireball

SpaceX's Starship SN4 prototype launch vehicle just exploded in a huge fireball during a static fire test in Boca Chica, Texas. While the Starship spacecraft is still early in development, the explosion doesn't feel great leading up to the SpaceX-NASA historic launch now scheduled for tomorrow. Scrubbed on Wednesday due to weather, it'll be the first time humans will launch to space from the United States since 2011 and the first time a private company will take humans offworld.

Florida man spent 24 hours vandalizing high school in the nude

Miramar, Florida police arrested Matthew Crandall, 21, for allegedly breaking into Miramar High School and smashing up the place. He wore only a hat and headphones as he destroyed computers and TVs and apparently caused major flooding. The total wreckage is estimated at $100,000.

Crandall was identified from surveillance footage. According to the Associated Press, "it’s not known whether he has ties to the school."

(Thanks to our Florida bureau chief, Charles Pescovitz!)

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