Check out the Pogues' tour rider from 1991 — the last year Shane MacGowan was in the band

The Pogues' singer-songwriter and tin whistle player Spider Stacy confirmed that this was real, tweeting, "The secret as to how we all stayed in such great veal, no fast food, no german wine and plenty of cigarettes."

I am genuinely surprised at how little booze is on this list, and also that the Pogues were only bringing in a £4K guarantee plus 80 percent of the house.

Image: peelandstick/Flickr (CC 2.0)


"Tingle Monsters" is an incredibly unsettling ASMR feminist horror film

If you don't get chills from the ASMR audio experience of Tingle Monsters, then you'll definitely get them from the looming tension and sheer overwhelming sexist dread that oozes throughout this ten-minute short film (especially in the expertly-created comments section that helps to drive the plot). It is weirdly kind of relaxing, until it's absolutely not. Here's the official synopsis:

An ASMR vlogger with a devoted fan base returns from an extended absence with a livestream that spirals out of control.

Writer/director/actress Alexandra Serio had this to say as well:

I was compelled to make "Tingle Monsters" because I believe that violence against women truly starts with words. With this in mind, I designed the film’s unconventional viewing experience to feel like a real ASMR livestream.

Shot in screenlife format with no extra score or sound design, the film is designed to transport viewers into a scenario they are already familiar with—the harassment of women on the internet—ultimately inviting the audience to examine the link between what we say and think about women affects their real-world treatment.

I firmly believe that through gender parity and telling women-driven narratives we can begin to change the world. But we must start by taking a sobering look at where we currently are. Tingle Monsters aims to do that.

Serio also did a great interview with Pasteoffering a behind-the-scenes perspective on this creepy little capsule of awful internet intersections.

The movie is only ten-minutes long, and definitely unsettling. I haven't much followed the ASMR phenomenon, but Serio uses the genre conventions deftly here to create a creeping experience that — I suspect — accurately reflects the horrors that often accompany simply being a woman on the Internet.

The Smart Beat monitor knows and studies your baby’s breathing as they sleep

It’s a silent tragedy that no one ever wants to even consider.  But the reality is that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) claims the lives of nearly 3,500 babies in the U.S. every year. It’s a horror no parent wants to face, yet the threat of this heartless killer has newborn parents keeping as close a watch on their infants while they’re sleeping as when they’re awake.

Nate and Sarah Ruben were those anxious parents when their first son was born in 2012. At a higher than normal risk for SIDS, Sarah got up five or six times a night for months to check his breathing, causing a lack of sleep that ultimately triggered severe postpartum depression.

Following those troubling days, Nate created the Smart Beat Video Breathing Monitor as a way to offer parents peace of mind whenever their child sleeps.

The system itself is incredibly simple — just sync the camera to the Smart Beat app, point it at your sleeping baby...and you’re done.

How the system works, however, is decidedly less simple. In fact, Smart Beat is so sophisticated that it’s proprietary algorithm is actually analyzing the Smart Beat's video feed and measuring a baby's vitals, all without any wearables. 

The camera can spot 16 million color shades and looks for shifts in any of its 2 million pixels 20 times per second. That analysis can tell if there’s movement from the baby and whether that movement is breathing. That data can detect any clinical apnea or any above or below average breathing rates, literally chronicling and studying a baby’s every single breath.

The camera’s HD video stream can be fed right to any smartphone or tablet, along with an instantaneous alert should Smart Beat spot any abnormalities as the child sleeps.

The Smart Beat also includes two-way audio so you can listen in or even offer a baby reassurance without even going into the room. It even has a lockdown feature to take the video feed off the grid and make it unhackable for anyone outside your home.

Right now, you can save $15 off the price of the Smart Beat Video Breathing Monitor and get one for just $284.

Prices are subject to change.

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Smart Beat Video Breathing Monitor - $284

Keep your baby safe for $284

Odds are, your grill is disgusting and a wire brush won’t help but the Q-Swiper can

At some point this summer, we’ve all got our fingers crossed that we’ll be out on a patio, basking in a gorgeous day and smelling the delicious char of burgers, steaks, chicken, and other succulent meats grilling to perfection.

But before that day happens, it’s probably time to consider the state of that grill. Actually, it’s likely well past time to think about what’s still seared into, caked-on and otherwise gripped to the grill that’s about to make contact with those raw meats and veggies.

Real’s a Petri dish. Since your old, grimy grill brush has certainly seen better days, it’s also a good time to look at an alternative like the Q-Swiper BBQ Grill Cleaning Bundle.

Men’s Health even speculates that your grill might be dirtier than a toilet seat, with old encrusted food-producing, gut-churning bacteria that can easily turn your next BBQ into stage 1 of intestinal distress, vomiting or even worse.

The Q-Swiper is a bristle-free, wire-free brush that helps efficiently sweep grease, grime, and virulent nasties off your grill grates for a clean, healthy grill every time.

You’ll get 65 Q-Swiper cleaning wipes to assure a fresh, clean wipe each time you attack the grill.  The powerful omnidirectional 3D cleaning nodules wipe away tough grime while the moist food-safe wipes clean and absorb greases from cooking surfaces.

The materials are all safe for use and the brush will never dislodge those potentially harmful steel wire bristles that can even end up in someone’s food. You even get a pair of grill clothes to help wipe everything down once you’re finished and get the whole set-up ready for another round of BBQ goodness.

The Q-Swiper is already a hit online, scoring an Amazon Choice designation with a solid 4.3 out of 5-star rating from users.

You can make sure your grill is ready for summer BBQ season now with this set including the brush, the 65 cleaning wipes, and two grill clothes for 10 percent off the regular price at just $32.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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Q-Swiper® BBQ Grill Cleaning Bundle - $32.99

Clean your grill for $32.99

Disney is reimagining Splash Mountain's racist 'Song of the South' theme. Princess and the Frog will take its place

Disney's Splash Mountain ride, based on their racially offensive 1946 film Song of the South -- a controversial (not to mention seriously boring) movie that featured the popular song "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" -- is finally changing its tune. Motivated by a petition that 20,000 people signed, its new theme will revolve around last scenes from The Princess and the Frog.

From CNN:

The recent Black Lives Matter protests sweeping across the nation have spurred deep conversation and introspection in Hollywood regarding depictions of race in popular culture. Films like "Gone with the Wind" and TV episodes that included the use of blackface have been re-evaluated or, in some cases, pulled.
Disney says the new Splash Mountain concept is "inclusive" and "one that all of our guests can connect with and be inspired by."

"It speaks to the diversity of the millions of people who visit our parks each year," Disney said on Thursday.

Disney added that the new ride — which the company has been working on since last year — will pick up the story of "Princess and the Frog" after "the final kiss" and will join Princess Tiana and her trumpet-playing alligator Louis "on a musical adventure." It will feature "some of the powerful music from the film as they prepare for their first-ever Mardi Gras performance."

Disney hasn't announced when the reimagined Splash Mountain will debut. In fact, California's Disneyland and California Adventure parks, which had been set to reopen July 17 after a months-long coronavirus shutdown, are postponing their restart because of surging new Covid-19 cases. A new reopening date hasn't yet been announced.

Here is what Splash Mountain looked like before shutting it down:

The final scenes from The Princess and the Frog, which the reimagined ride will be based on:

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah scene from Song of the South:

How could anyone resist this 7-inch model of a Murder Hornet?

Revoltech's 7-in model of the Vespa mandarinia (aka murder hornet) looks amazing. It's $105, but if you are a true murder hornet aficionado it's a pittance.

Every part is articulated, from the antennae to the stinger. Articulated mandibles and mouth parts have been faithfully recreated. The large compound eyes are made of transparent material to enhance the vibrant coloration. The abdomen is also posable, and the body can be bent forward into an aggressive pose. The wasp's greatest weapon, its venomous stinger, can be retracted without replacing any parts. Wings are folded in its default pose, but can be replaced to recreate in-flight poses. Legs come equipped with joints for recreating various poses. Leg joints can be replaced with a fixed joint for better displayability. Includes a Display base, allowing you to choose between two types of GEO arms to securely display in both default and in-flight poses.

Via Super Punch

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