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Built in HTML5, Knifetank is compatible with recent versions of Safari. Use the WASD keys to move; click the mouse button to fire; and switch on all the blocks on to move to the next level. It was created by Doctor Popular, Lilia Markham, Crashfaster, Mike Hales, Erik Swedberg and Brian Cronin. Read the dev diary!

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One week remaining in the Game Dev competition

Just one week to go in the Chiptune Game Development competition! To recap: We're joining with Safari Books Online, the massive online library of technical know-how, to honor the mighty chiptune. All you have to do is pick out a great game-style chiptune that has no game to go with it, then make the game.

The game can be in the format and language of your choice, but we'll be particularly impressed by those whose style and economy matches the music. Flash, javascript/HTML5, Silverlight and Java will allow us to embed your game here, but native iPhone and Android apps are good options as well.

Of course, if you love Python or Unity or Locomotive BASIC, don't let us stop you.

You have until July 5 to complete your game. If that feels like a tight deadline, remember that games don't have to be epics! Vignettes are welcome. Check out the prizes in the original announcement.

Recent updates:

• Doctor Popular writes about the progress his team's made on their entry, and posts a screenshot. "I spent 10 hours at Noisebridge yesterday working with some very talented friends on an entry for BoingBoing's chiptune inspired video game challenge. Our game, "KnifeTanks", mashes pixel art and chiptune sounds with hand drawn assets and kazoos." You can keep up with Docpop here.

• Some more musicians added suggestions from their chip and chip-style ouvres: check out the tunes from Dektonic, Daniel Merrill, Golab and Beta to the Max.

• Don't forget about the 30 days free access to five game-dev titles from Safari Books Online. Read the rest

Mighty Boosh live chat, Thu. 25, 1pm ET/6PM GMT

Boing Boing pal Eddie Codel (who's now with Ustream) says, "Knowing your love for all things Mighty Boosh, I thought I'd let you know that Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt are doing a live video web chat Thursday morning to promote the release of the Mighty Decider iPhone crack/toy/game/timewaster app, created in part by Doctor Popular. The insanity begins at 10AM PST / 6PM GMT. Read the rest

Today is 24 hour Comics Day!

Doctor Popular says,

Today is 24hour Comic Book Day. Cartoonists all over the world will be taking part in the challenge of creating an entire 24 page comic book in just one day. Robots Don't Know Anything About Twitter, which was featured on BB a few weeks ago, was created as part of last years 24HCBDay!

Here are some links: Nationwide, in SF, in Minneapolis, in Albuquerque

Image: snapshot from 24HCBDay in New Mexico in 2006, by baaadasssscomics. Also, here's a Flickr pool.


Notes from the San Francisco Zine Fest: Doctor Popular BB Video: Social Games, and The Quest for Virtual Poo. LOLarts show Read the rest

Notes from the San Francisco Zine Fest: Doctor Popular

Carla and I had a nice time at the 2009 San Francisco Zine Fest on Sunday. This week and next, I'm sharing some of the photos I took of the zinesters who came to sell their comics and zines. I'll post a new photo each day.

This is Doctor Popular, a professional yo-yoist and cartoonist. I bought a couple of "24-hour" comic books from him, which are 24-page comic books that were created in 24 consecutive hours. My favorite is Robots Don't Know Anything about Twitter. Doc Pop made the comic by tweeting "Robots don't know anything about..." and used the answers that his friends tweeted back as the panels for the comic. Fun!

I don't know if he sold out of the print version of Robots Don't Know Anything about Twitter, as it had a print run of 100 copies (each cover was hand colored!), but he is giving it away as a free PDF. What a swell guy that Doc is.

Previous San Francisco Zine Fest photos:

Sean Logic and his zine, The Great MySpace Swindle

Hellen Jo and Calvin Wong

Amy Martin Read the rest

Pez Candy Inc sues Museum of Pez Memorabilia for copyright infringement

(Photo by Plug1 of whatimseeing.com)

Oh, this is stupid and sad. Pez Candy Inc., makers of pixel-y candy dosed out in those iconic character dispensers, is suing the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia for copyright infringement. Doctor Popular blogs about it over at Laughing Squid:

The suit, filed last week, claims that the museum deceives the public into believing they are operating under the authority of Pez and asks that the museum’s 7 foot tall replica of Pez dispenser be destroyed. The lawsuit also takes issue with the museum’s sales of toy truck Pez dispensers which had been modified with Obama and McCain logos during last years elections. The museum has been opened since 1995 and is said to be the only place in the world were you can see every Pez dispenser ever made.

Pez Suing Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia (Laughing Squid)

Update: The love that dare not Pez its name. At left, Scott Beale snapped this scandalous pic proving what Star Wars slashfic scribes have long known: The 'droid hearts Chewie, as evidenced in two giant Pez dispensers. Lawsuits be damned. C-3PO & Chewbacca, Together At Last.


Pez museum opens HOWTO mount a Pez dispenser on a camera's hot-shoe Pez Theater Pez MP3 player now taking orders Pez dispenser USB drive mod RFID credit card modded into Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser 1962 Pez machine Cast bronze Boba Fett Pez head Read the rest

BB Video: Doctor Popular's Awesome Yo-Yo Stylings

Download the MP4 here. Flash video above, click "fullscren" icon inside player to view large. YouTube channel here, subscribe on iTunes here. Get Twitter updates every time there's a new ep by following @boingboingvideo, and here are blog post archives for Boing Boing Video.

Today on Boing Boing Video, a yo-yo demonstration by world champion yo-yoer, game developer, "craft mogul," and nerdcore rapper Doctor Popular. This episode is an excerpt from our marathon live streaming coverage of the Game Developer Conference, during which "Doc Pop" graciously hung out with our crew and offered insight. We hope to bring you more of those conversations soon, particularly his thoughts on game development. He also creates comics based on internet memes and social network etiquette dilemmas, my favorite of which involves the social awkwardness of "unfollowing" someone on Twitter. Some of his "Memes in Real Life" internet arts are here. The guy's a genius, and his yo-yo-ing is nothing but hypnotic.

Scott Beale at Laughing Squid has a bunch of posts on the eclectic range of Doc Pop's work.

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Handlebars as flute

Over at Laughing Squid, guestblogger Doctor Popular posted a video he shot of accordionist and experimental musician Mark Growden playing a haunting tune on a set of handlebars. Mark Growden plays the handlebars Read the rest

William Gibson bags and coats

Cyberpunk science fiction pioneer William Gibson has lent his name to some very cool bags and jackets (and sneakers). The products are a joint effort of two Japanese firms, bag company Porter, and Buzz Rickson, remakers of vintage military clothing. The William Gibson Collection from Buzz Rickson includes a black M-65 field jacket, N-3 flying jacket, and N-1 deck jacket. Buzz Rickson jackets (scroll down for Gibson Collection items), Porter bag info (Cool Hunting) UPDATE: In the comments, Doctor Popular points out that Self Edge in San Francisco has the bags and sneakers for sale and are hosting a party with Gibson in person on 11/9. Read the rest

MUNI makes Narnia poster cool

Doctor Popular says:

Check out this pic taken of a Narnia banner on the side of a San Francisco MUNI bus.

I love the unfortunate [re:awesome] placement of one of the buses yellow reflectors over Prince Caspian’s face. Imagine this evil eye blinking on and off at you as the bus makes a turn. Can you say Scott Summers? I would love to see how the Chronicles of Narnia would deal with “the mutant problem”.

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What is this heirloom mystery object?

Shimone says:

My buddy (the yo-yo impresario Doctor Popular) posted this mystery object on his blog.

From the page: The mystery object is made out of brass and belonged to Rachel's grandmother. It has an arm with three joints and a collapsible tripod stand. When fully collapsed it makes a flat 3" x 4" square.

As mentioned before this is an heirloom piece, but Rachel has never been able to figure out what it was originally intended for, as a matter of fact I'm only making the assumption that the three pieces on the bottom are even intended as a stand. For all I know the pointed end could plug into something.

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Nerdcore shows in Vegas, January 8-9

Above, the lovely Miss MC Router (alternate link). Doesn't look like she's on the lineup, but she rocks.

MC Plus+ tells BoingBoing,

Bring in the year 2007 with performances from your favorite Nerdcore artists. It's happening January 9th and 10th in Las Vegas. Check out this link for details. The super nerdy lineup includes but is not limited to MCeeP, Fanatical, High-C, YTCracker, and of course your boy, MC Plus+ (along with Plus+'s most sworn nemesis, Monzy).

And here are a bunch of videos featuring those artists and others: Link.

Previously on BB:

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Response to SNL video "Christmas Box" = "Boobs in a Box"Windows Vista: Suicide notes, nerdcore rap MP3New MC Plus+ album of nerdcore rapping

Nerdcore rap: Attack of the Clonefucker

Nerdcore artists to release nerd-rap compilation disc

Fuck the MPAA - nerdcore gangsta rap song

MC Frontalot: Nerdcore rapper

Reader comment:

Doctor Popular says,

Nerdcore artist Beefy has recently released his new album "Tube Technology" -- Link. Although Beefy won't be performing at any of the Vegas shows, the album features artists such as Drown Radio and MC Router (pictured with her "g33k L1f3" tattoo). Beefy will also be headlining a nerdcore show in Portland the week following CES with TG, Drown Radio and more nerdy rappers.

Also, there will be a sneak preview of the new Nerdcore For Life documentary at the Consumer Electronics Show as well as performances by several other nerdcore luminaries on the DIVX stage.

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