Spider Jerusalem cosplayer

This cosplayer at PenguiCon (the open source/science fiction convention held just outside of Detroit each year) is getting ready to attend the masquerade dressed as Spider Jerusalem, the heavily tattooed hero of Warren Ellis's seminal comic series Transmetropolitan. He and his assistant are drawing in the tatts with a Sharpie pen — and doing a fine job of it. — Read the rest

Indie comix made by women

Indie comix creator Tara Tallan's site Girlamataic Webcomics publishes an RSS feed of half-a-dozen free indie comic serials created by women, including her own long-running serial Galaxion. Tara and I worked together at Bakka, Toronto's science fiction bookstore, and she turned me on to many wonderful funnybooks, most notably Warren Ellis's Transmetropolitan. — Read the rest

Katrina: "I took exactly one comic from my house."

New Orleans native Leo McGovern is best known for running a cool monthly zine called Antigravity, promoting NOLA's alt-music scene, and producing a twice yearly event called NO[DIY] that sheds light on the work of indie creatives. He and his loved ones lost pretty much everything to Katrina. — Read the rest

Final Transmet collection available

The final Transmetropolitan collection, "Transmetropolitan: One More Time," is available for pre-order on Amazon. It's the tenth book, collecting issues 55-60: there are nine other books collecting the earlier issues, and as good as those issues were, it's in this, the final volume of the most original and invigorating sf comic I've ever read, that Ellis outdoes himself, pulling together a finale to his five-year serial that's triumphant, sad and brave. — Read the rest

Spider Jerusalem blogs

Warren Ellis is blogging in the voice of Spider Jersualem, his character from the brilliant and sadly finished
Transmetropolitan series.

Junior wrenched open a draw in the desk and ripped from it a scrawny-looking cuddly toy with its eyes plucked out and awful stains on its mouth.

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Comic Books by Mail

Warren Ellis (writer of Transmetropolitan) has a service that lets you order selected comic books and have them shipped to you. The great thing about Ordering Comics is how you can download PDF samples of the books. I forgot all about Johnny Nemo! — Read the rest