Warren Ellis's device array

Gizmodo's done another of their "What's in your gadget-bag" features, this time with Warren Ellis, whose Transmetropolitan is the best science fictional comic I've ever read.

You just caught me. I'm off to Atlanta in 36 hours or so; jumping from British Summer Time to Eastern Daylight Time for something called Dragon*Con, where I'm a special guest (and also cultivating the Freak Vote in prep for my first prose novel, published next summer).

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Warren Ellis takes up prose

Warren "Transmetropolitan" Ellis has sold his first novel. Kick ass!

This comic tour of the dark underbelly of American culture features a down-and-out private detective who is hired by heroin-addled G-men to find the lost (secret) Constitution to the United States.

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Warren Ellis's Slashdot interview

Slashdot has posted a group interview with Warren "Transmetropolitan" Ellis, my all-time-fave funnybook writer.

I couldn't care less what other creators "should" consider, and if you ever say something like that within my physical reach I will slap the life clean out of your little body.

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Warren Ellis in Mindjack

Mindjack has an interview with Warren "Transmetropolitan" Ellis in the new ish:

There are moments of pure, heart stopping beauty in the most tragic and broken environments. And the loveliest community on earth will not be able to eliminate the dog turd.

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I come to praise Transmetropolitan

Transmetropolitan, the utterly brilliant sf comic created by Darick Robinson and Warren Ellis, has published its penultimate issue, closing the story-arc that's run since 1997 (1996?).

This is one of the best works of science fiction I've ever read, real big ideas stuff with a pathologically gritty perspective. — Read the rest

Looking at 5 top cyberpunk comic books

This is a Cartoonist Kayfabe I've been waiting for, where Ed and Jim talk about their all-time fave cyberpunk-themed comics.

In it, they look at Akira (natch), The Long Tomorrow (they better!), Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed (of course), Shatter (have to admit I've never read it), and finally, Frank Miller's Hard Boiled. — Read the rest

Fear and Loathing – The gonzo classic gets a brilliant graphic novel treatment

See sample pages from this book at Wink.

Anyone who's read Hunter S. Thompson's iconic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas knows that the technicolored, bug-eyed, meth-fueled craziness of that narrative is hard to capture in another medium. The Tim Burton movie did an admirable job of conveying the "savage journey" of the book, if sometimes overdosing on the goofballs in the process. — Read the rest