Celebrate the classic Breakout, and then rethink the term 'empathy games'

This week, our partnership with Critical Distance brings us a takedown on 'empathy games' from one of the field's most well-known independent designers, as well as a unique collection of games inspired by the classic Breakout. Read the rest

This 'empathy game' reveals a real challenge for indie games

Anna Anthropy's "sequel to dys4ia" sheds light on the conflicting aftermath of the "empathy games" boom, and the fact so many celebrated creators are still alone and afraid.

A game-making app for everyone?

Game-making apps tend to evolve into intimidating tools aimed at pros. Beginners need something useful to non-coders—and Nintendo has the right idea.

Read The Joy of Cybersex, an online sex guide circa 1993

Enjoy this early internet guide to the subversive world of "erotic disks" and "teledildonics."

Use emoji to make your own playful worlds

The charming visual language and textured, 90s web-era sounds of Emotica make it delightful to create and share your own game spaces made entirely out of emoji.

Print out this witch fashion game and play it with your friends

Tragic magic! Executive realness! Here's a new game for 3-6 players, about drawing fashions for witches, that you can print out and play with your friends. All you really need is some tokens, a tip cup and a timer—and all those markers and art supplies you wish you played with more often. Read the rest

When fashion is frightening

Nintendo's Style Savvy: Trendsetters is one of the scariest games I've ever played