Boko Haram attack in Nigeria kills as many as 100, unknown number of women and children kidnapped

Another brutal attack is reported to have taken place in Nigeria, led by the Islamic armed group Boko Haram. On Saturday night, Boko Haram militants carrying machine guns rolled into the village of Dalori on motorcycles, opening fire on every living thing in sight. Read the rest

Boko Haram, not ISIS, is the world's deadliest terrorist group

A new Global Terrorism Index annual report claims Boko Haram in Nigeria is the world's deadliest extremist group, with the grim honor of having killed more people than ISIS (or “Daesh”), to which it is linked. Read the rest

Carnage returns to Nigeria as Boko Haram terrorist attack kills 30, wounds 80 or more

An overnight blast blamed on the Islamic extremist terror organization Boko Haram killed 32 people and wounded 80 Tuesday at a truck stop in northeastern Nigeria. Read the rest