Facebook claimant charged with fraud

Paul Ceglia, the New York businessman who claimed to own half of Facebook, was charged with fraud Friday over evidence presented in the case. [BBC] Previously. Read the rest

How Facebook ownership contract was 'forged'

The contract presented by Paul Ceglia, who claims he paid Zuck to build Facebook, was forged, according to a forensic report(PDF) by Stroz Friedberg. Wired's David Kravetz: "The metadata shows they were backdated to 2003 when Zuckerberg, as a Harvard University student, agreed to perform the contracted work for Ceglia. But the copies of the contract were created in 2011." Read the rest

Facebook recovers "original" Ceglia contract

Facebook entered into evidence what it says is the original contract between founder Mark Zuckerberg and Paul Ceglia, who is suing the company for part-ownership. Unlike the version produced by Ceglia, identifying him as part-owner of "The Face Book", this version has no mention of the company at all. The "original" coding contract was recovered from Ceglia's own computer by forensic specialists; Facebook says he tried to keep it out of the lawsuit by claiming attorney-client privilege. [Wired] Read the rest