Pop Trash: Celebrity junk portrait artist Jason Mecier announces book

I spy (a brand new junk portrait of) Pee-wee Herman at the :29 mark

Exciting news: Jason Mecier, the artist who makes celebrity mosaic portraits in junk (or other objects like candy or cereal) has announced his first book. It's called Pop Trash: The Amazing Art of Jason Mecier and it's due out July 17, 2018.

...Here is Amy Sedaris assembled from her own trash, David Bowie made out of cosmetics and feathers, Snoop Dogg sculpted out of weed, Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus crafted out of candy, Kevin Bacon bespoke in bacon, and many, many more. Fun process shots offer behind-the-scenes insights into the meticulous work required to create these candy-colored—and literally trashy—spotlights (how much licorice does it take to make Harry Potter?). With mesmerizing tributes to icons ranging from Stevie Nicks to Farrah Fawcett to Honey Boo Boo, this gallery of the famous and infamous is a visual treat for fans of pop culture and pop art alike.

You can pre-order it now for $29.95.

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A portrait of Hugh Hefner made out of his own junk, by mosaic artist Jason Mecier

In 2013, San Francisco artist Jason Mecier (pronounced: "Mess-Ear") was commissioned by Hugh Hefner's third wife Crystal to create this portrait for her hubby's 87th birthday. The mosaic likeness of the Playboy's recently-deceased head honcho is created with his own "junk," items like swatches of his retired red silk pajamas, baby oil, select covers, words and headlines grabbed from Playboy magazines, unopened sleeves of condoms, a tin of Velvet pipe tobacco, small bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey, and various Playboy Bunny ephemera.

The piece is part of Mecier's ongoing and much-lauded "Celebrity Junk Drawer" series and it's currently hanging in the dining room at the Playboy Mansion. In 2014, it landed a cameo in this Pitbull video.

images via Jason Mecier

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