Do not lure deer into your home to feed them, Colorado authorities plead

After a video of a woman luring deer into her home went viral, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding humans -- yet again -- to please, please, just leave deer and all other wildlife alone.

Do not feed the animals.

Do not post videos of yourself feeding wild animals in your home. Read the rest

Murder defendant becomes angry samurai in court

"You are not samurai!" yells murder defendant Todd Winkler, jabbing his finger at the judge presiding over his murder trial in Placerville, Calif. Winkler, a former fighter pilot and pharmaceutical executive, was ultimately found guilty of murdering his second wife with a pair of scissors. His conviction brought new attention to the death of his first wife in a 1999 car wreck, but no charges were ever filed.

CBS News produced a documentary highlighting his dubious claims to mental illness, The Two Faces of Todd Winkler. The general conclusion from acquaintances and experts seems to be that he's faking it. Read the rest

Florida man impersonated state prosecutors in order to drop charges against himself

Yesterday, Christian Mosco of Volusia County, Florida was sentenced to ten years in prison after impersonating two assistant state prosecutors and attempting to use a fake court document to drop charges against himself. Mosco had previously been busted for extortion. According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the new charges include "two counts of falsely impersonating an officer, practicing law without authority, two counts of fraudulent use of personal identification and criminal process under color of law and uttering a forgery." From ClickOrlando:

The Volusia County Clerk of Court’s office thought the document seemed suspicious and contacted the state attorney. After an investigation, the two offices determined the document was fraudulent.

“The defendant employed threats, scams and theft in an attempt to further his criminal plans," State Attorney R.J. Larizza said in a news release. "Had he used his talents for positive and law-abiding activities, he would not be on his way to the State Prison System.”

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Burglar left behind notebook with list of homes to burglarize. He got busted.

In Tennessee, a well-organized but not super smart burglary suspect was busted by the fuzz when he dropped his notebook with a list of homes he planned to burglarize. Read the rest

Trump wants US drug laws to be more like China, where dealers are executed

Yes, things will get nuttier, because now he has impunity. Read the rest

US charges 4 Chinese spies with hacking Equifax

• The Equifax breach was disclosed in 2017, exposed financial records of 150M Americans

FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich: “This is the largest theft of sensitive PII by state-sponsored hackers ever recorded.” Read the rest

Woman busted for allegedly running "the QVC of stolen clothes"

Accused professional shoplifter Twanna Trotter, 29, of East St. Louis, Illinois, was allegedly running an online clothing store out of her basement that was stocked with $20,000 in stolen merchandise. On Friday, she was sentenced to four years in the slammer for retail thefts along the Missouri-Illinois border. According to police still investigating the extent of her operation, Trotter used Facebook Live videos to market her hot commodities.

"I describe it as the QVC of stolen clothes. I mean, she had things set up and things she was planning on selling that day," (said Chesterfield Police Department Sgt. Keith Rider.)

From WHNT:

Rider said his detectives would actually watch Trotter's Facebook Live sessions to see what she was selling.

"The products that they observed she was selling we were able to track back to ... retail areas in Chesterfield as well as throughout St. Louis County, and also as far as Osage Beach," he said.

Rider said Trotter has a history of arrests in Chesterfield for retail thefts. Rider referred to her as a "professional shoplifter" who treated the crimes as a business.

(via FARK)

image: @ChesterfieldPD/Twitter Read the rest

Florida man arrested for shoplifting, cute puppy accomplice also in custody

Florida Man strikes again. The dog is okay and is being cared for while his owner is booked into jail.

In Hillsborough County, Florida, the Sheriff’s Office says a gentleman named Logan Wilson admitted to shoplifting $259 worth of items from Bass Pro Shops.

Deputies say he was arrested during a traffic stop after he was seen departing the store with stolen goods.

According to a Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Facebook post, volunteers there will take care of him until his owner bonds out of jail, but the shelter’s website has the puppy listed as “pre-adoptable.”

PHOTO: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

THE CUTEST ACCOMPLICE: The owner of this small puppy was caught shoplifting at an area Bass Pro Shops with the puppy in hand! 🐾

Our District 5 Street Crimes Unit arrested the person for Petit Theft and possession of meth. #TeamHCSO deputies took great care of the puppy before handing him over to Hillsborough County Animal Services who will care for him until his owner is released from jail.

More: Canine accomplice taken into custody during shoplifting arrest [] Read the rest

‘I’m the sheriff’: Gentleman in phony cop car halted by actual lawman

A sheriff in suburban Detroit was not fooled by a suspicious gentleman driving what appeared to be a police car.

[NARRATOR: It was not a police car.] Read the rest

Technology company co-founder reports car stolen to avoid mechanic's bill

Rather than pay a large repair bill, a gentleman the Marin Independent Journal identified as "the co-founder of a San Francisco technology security firm" apparently reported the car stolen and received a nice insurance payout.

...and then the police found the car.

Marin IJ:

“Dhoopar told the CHP and his insurance company that the car was stolen off his street,” Petersen said, “when in fact it had been reported stolen shortly after Dhoopar learned of a large repair bill that he would be receiving from the mechanic.”

The insurer paid Dhoopar about $8,200, the full value of the car.

Investigators arranged a meeting with Dhoopar on Tuesday in Corte Madera, presented him with the evidence and made the arrest.

Dhoopar, the cofounder of a San Francisco technology security firm, could not be reached for comment.

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FBI elevates risk from neo-Nazis to same level as ISIS

“Not only is the terror threat diverse, it’s unrelenting." --FBI director Chris Wray.

The FBI has elevated the risk from neo-Nazis in America to the same level with which it regards ISIS. Read the rest

New guy at gas station stole $17,183 worth of stuff on first shift, say cops

In Connecticut, police are trying to identify a man captured on surveillance camera stealing about $17,000 worth of merchandise from a gas station. Read the rest

No jail time for cop convicted of rape

A Texas police officer convicted of rape was sentenced to 10 years probation by a jury, reports The El Paso Times. He will serve 0 days in prison.

It was an emotional day in court, as the woman cried as she testified about the impact the incident has had on her life, while Alexander began crying when his children came into the courtroom.

The woman testified that she will forever be haunted by the sexual assault and that she is no longer the woman she once was.

El Paso Police Department Officer William Ollie Alexander was convited of sexually assaulting a woman after responding to a domestic violence call in West El Paso. According to reports, he dropped the woman off at a friend's house, began texting her, left work early to pick her up, took her to a dark area and raped her.

His defense lawyers, Dolph Quijano and Omar Carmona, argued that the woman was "mentally disraught due to fighting with her ex-boyfriend", that the text messages showed "she was willing to meet with the officer, including asking him for a ride," and that law enforcement officers face "the death sentence" in prison.

They didn't get him off the conviction, but they did get him lenient treatment: prosecutors had asked for 15 years' imprisonment. In addition to serving probation, Alexander will also pay a $10,000 fine and register as a sex offender.

“It doesn’t matter how many years,” attorney Omar Carmona said. “He will go to the penitentiary as [a] former police officer.

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Man lights up marijuana joint in court, judge oddly not amused

This undated photo provided by the Wilson Country Sheriff’s Office shows Spencer Alan Boston. Authorities in Tennessee say Boston lit a cannabis cigarette in court while expressing his views on marijuana legalization. News outlets report Boston, 20, was arrested Monday, Jan. 27, 2020, and charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession after blazing a fattie in the courtroom. (Wilson Country Sheriff’s Office)

A gentleman in Lebanon, Tennessee man fired up a marijuana cigarette in the courtroom, authorities said, and for some reason, his situation did not improve. Read the rest

Florida man swiped Wisconsin woman's debit card data to buy pizza, cops say

A gentleman in Florida man is accused of using a Wisconsin woman's debit card information to purchase $68 worth of Little Caesar's pizza. Read the rest

Shots fired near Trump's Mar-a-Lago, SUV breaches security, 2 female suspects in custody

Friday, Jan. 31, 1:40PM Eastern: FBI spokesman James Marshall tells reporters FBI is aware of an incident at Mar-A-Lago and have agents responding to the scene. A car chase near the resort ended with shots being fired near President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort Friday in Florida, police said. Officials are still determining the details. Read the rest

North Yorkshire Police seek owner of "distinctive silver ring"

Recovered from a burglar's haul, this "distinctive silver ring" was posted to social media by North Yorkshire Police in hopes of returning it to its onwer. They are quite oblivious to its significance and hope "someone will recognize the markings."

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find the owner of the ring and return it to them. As it is such a distinctive piece of jewellery, we’re hoping that someone will recognise the markings and be able to tell us who it rightfully belongs to, as I’m sure someone, somewhere is missing it.

From the Facebook comments:

"The ring was made in the fires of Mount Doom, only there can it be unmade"

"The ring must be taken deep into Mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came. One of you must do this."

"It has been lost before and the last time, it turned into a continent spanning ball ache"

Read the rest

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