2Doom: free 2D Doom demake

2Doom is a 2D demake of the classic first-person shooter Doom, featuring faithfully-drawn sprites in a side-scrolling arcade adventure. [via Rob Sheridan]

Despite its cute pixel art, prepare for an intense, violent and bloody adventure! ... You're not the hero. You're just another Marine lost on Mars in a demoniac invasion. But you know how to use a shotgun and a BFG, you've been trained for that.

Re-discover the DOOM universe in this unique tribute and discover a new part of the red planet.

Made by:

Damien Mayance (@valryon)Simon Coroller (@pluspixels)Quentin Gendre (@Enyo_) - sound designer + musicianHugo Houriez (@HhUrGzO) - 2d artist + devBenjamin Magnan (@dayster27) - 2d artist + level designer

Perfect way to start my week.

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Unreal Tournament for Atari 2600

Unreal Tournament was the multiplayer 3D shooter that stole Quake's candy, and now it's been demade to run on a toaster. Gone is the expansive virtual enrivonment and motion sickness; still in play is the cyberpunk corporate-sponsored deathmatch vibe and merciless sense of chaos and speed.

UT2600 provides fast paced arcade action for a minimum of two players (where teams of up to six players are supported).

You can use a free emulator program such as Stella to play the game, though you can also play it directly in your web browser.

UT2600 is currently in open beta and can benefit from your feedback.

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