Myst for Atari 2600

Myst soared at the place where Hypercard ran into CD-ROM storage and the multimedia capabilities of 1990s computers: an inflection point heralding a new era of hardware power. But it's been credibly demade for 8-bit computers and now for the original Atari VCS.

The goal is to complete enough to do a speedrun (you can beat original Myst very quickly only visiting a tiny part of the game if you already know all the answers). I'll add a few of the puzzles to make it a "real" game. The hope is to get this finished by Mysterium 2023 (June 30th) but that's probably being wildly optimistic. Currently you can walk around a decent amount of Myst island. You can flip the marker switches. You can look at the brother's books. You can go to D'ni and lose the game (white page isn't implemented yet).

The funny thing about Atari VCS games is that they're so primitive that they tend toward (or reveal the bones of) a small handful of fundamentally playable forms. Add one clever gameplay mechanic, like Pitfall did, and you have a "classic." And yet here, like Zarathustra sauntering down from the mountain, is a fully functional point and click exploration game with full-screen first-person scenes. WHAT THE HELL!