It's kind of like Her Story, but with a disgruntled owl game developer

Interrogate video footage of an aging game developer owl and solve the mystery of whatever it is he's trying to say. Try the search terms "cocaine", "murder" and "ubisoft."

Offworld Monday roundup: Empathy, criticism and being filthy in the shower

One thing that's really important to us is to be able to critique things we love, and to embrace the idea that sometimes a conversation is more important than a right answer

Her Story: a compelling murder mystery game with a tragic flaw

This mystery where you solve a crime with a search engine is brilliantly made—but it has one big problem.

All you have is video of a woman talking to the cops. Is she guilty?

Sam Barlow's VHS-styled Her Story is a game about true crime, voyeurism, and the monstrous specter of women who kill.