Charles Stross's "Dark State": transdimensional, nuclear-tipped mutually assured destruction by way of a first-rate spy novel

Dark State is the sequel to Empire Games, a reboot/latter phase of Charles Stross's longrunning, excellent economic science fiction/high fantasy Merchant Princes series.

Superefficient campstove that charges your phone while it boils water, using only twigs

The superefficient Biolite woodstove will boil water in minutes from twigs and charge your phone while it does it. Read the rest

Open Tech Forever: permaculture/open tech startup

Tristan sez, "Open Tech Forever is an open hardware cooperative starting up in Colorado. We're building a micro-factory to produce products, run workshops, and produce comprehensive documentation on 40 acres of permaculture land 10 minutes North of Denver.

This video shows the start of our transformation from run-down barn to open source micro-factory.

To keep updated on our progress, please follow @OpenTechForever.." Read the rest