TSA's "12 Banned Items of Christmas"

Reason's video enumerating the TSA's "12 Banned Items of Christmas" is a perfect, acerbic and funny list of the most egregiously stupid and arbitrary rules for American fliers. And as they point out, the TSA has never stopped a terrorist attack. But so long as we're prevented from carrying on guacamole (but permitted to carry on avocados) and permitted to carry on pies (but not pie filling(, I'm sure we'll be safe. And never forget this pro-tip: you can carry on as much liquid as you'd like so long as it is labelled "breast milk."

The TSA's 12 Banned Items of Christmas

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Christmastime daddy-daughter podcast with Poesy

Every year, there's a day or two between the date that my daughter's school shuts and the day that my wife's office shuts for Christmas holidays. Those are the official seasonal mid-week daddy-daughter days, and for the past two years, my daughter and I have gone to my office to record a podcast. Last year's was great (MP3), but I think we hit a new high this year (MP3).

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HOWTO create an invisible Christmas tree

Not Martha's 2010 tutorial for creating a Christmas tree bauble mobile that looks like an invisible tree is great, simple, and disarmingly effective. Read the rest

Churches lo-jack their Nativity Jesuses

The headline says it all: a rash of Nativity-Jesus snatchings from churchyards has prompted high-tech, GPS-based countermeasures. Read the rest

Swedish yule goat burns. Again

Linguinineenie writes, "Despite the best efforts of the authorities, vandals have managed yet again to burn down the Yule Goat in the city of Gavle. This is at least the 24th burning since Gavle started putting up a giant version of the traditional Yule Goat in 1966. While illegal, it's become something of a cat and mouse game between the erectors and the destroyers." Read the rest

Star Wars Christmas sweater

Redditor Imnojezus's co-worker made this Star Wars-themed Christmas sweater by felting and tufting the wampa/upside-down Luke scene from "Empire Strikes Back" onto an existing sweater, making a 3D scene. It's not for sale at present, though if it ever does go up on Etsy, I call dibs.

Happy Hothidays

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Jaunty, Xmassy steampunk assemblage clock sculpture

The latest piece from Roger Wood's Klockwerks studio is this brave, fire-engine-red number that's just put me over the edge into a full-on bout of Christmas cheer. Read the rest

12 Days of Christmas D12s

Eric sez, "I created these dice last night, with barely any time to spare before the 'twelve days of Christmas' begin (from 25 December until 6 January). I thought you might like to see what Leaping Lords, Milking Maids, and Turtle Doves look like when engraved onto a 12-sided die."

Eric'll make you a custom D12 for $4, which is a steal.

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You'd better not ___________, you'd better not __________, Santapus is coming to town. Read the rest

Xmas tree made from det cord

The slo-mo footage of this Xmas tree made out of detonation cord (starts around 3:00) is just, I mean. Wow. BOOM!

Det Cord Christmas Tree

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Digital Science's adorable, sciencey video Xmas card

Timo writes, "Once again, 'tis the season to be sciencey as the Digital Science Team release their Christmas video - The Christmas Collider! The video includes a cameo from Robin Ince, a 3D printer, an "I Love Science" polar bear, plus lots of snow: 'A mysterious, yet strangely familiar visitor turns up at the Digital Science offices in London and deposits a package on one of the desks. Inside the box - an instruction manual explaining how you can build a working particle collider solely from seasonal decorations, and discover the secrets of quantum mechanics from the comforts of your very own home of office.'"

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HOWTO make gingerbread polyhedral dice

Our Nerd Home has a great guide to the finicky, difficult, but ultimately incredible art of constructing gingerbread polyhedral dice, with a little help from our old friends, graham crackers. Read the rest

ACLU's Santa Claus is Coming to Town video

Jack from the ACLU sez, "We just posted a parody music video that pokes fun at the NSA with some holiday spirit (and some 'Jackass' thrown in for good measure)."

The NSA is Coming to Town

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Pee-Wee Herman talks about the remastered Christmas Special and Playhouse episodes

Kembrew writes, "I saw your post in Boing Boing today about Pee-Wee, and coincidentally, I just published a piece on Pee-wee's Christmas Special. I think it's the first time Paul Reubens has been interviewed about the upcoming remastered Pee-wee's Playhouse DVDs that will come out next year." Read the rest

Felted chthulhoid Santa with Shoggoth

Amy L. Rawson continues her tradition of creating felted cthulhoid Santas for the holiday season (see last year's); the current iteration is $595 on Etsy, and includes a 4lb epoxy/wire "octisleigh" pulled by a "rapidly morphing, protoplasmic vision of a Shoggoth." It's 13" long, 7" high, not including the Shoggoth. From her post on the piece: Read the rest

Christmas mashups: Santastic 8

dj BC writes, "I just dropped Santastic 8, the 8th annual Holiday mashup album in the series (10th if you count 'Menorah Mashups' and 'Re:Compostition').

This year we offer 14 new Christmas mashups, and one old one which was reissued because it is great and it matches the album cover so well. Contributors come from California, Atlanta, New York, Boston, Vienna, The Netherlands, Stockholm and Nashville."

There's some outstanding work here -- don't miss mojochronic's Lou Reed tribute at Track 12: "Lou Christmas (Without You)." Read the rest

LAPD tactical Christmas stockings

Stuck on the perfect gift for the Mall Ninja in your life? Consider the LA Police Gear Molle Elite Tactical Christmas Stocking -- nothing says militarized, institutional corruption like LAPD milspec on the mantlepiece! Read the rest

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