Big factory pig farms are some of America's worst polluters


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I decided to stop eating the flesh of animals 25 years ago after the first big mad-cow disease outbreak in England. Ten years ago I decided to stop eating any animal products. I believe that eating the flesh of murdered animals is ghoulish and negative. The savoring of the blood of the innocents is something one should leave to fiends and psychopaths. Since I have left behind feasting off of the corpses of other beings my mind has become clearer, my health is superb, and my connections with other beings are productive and positive. Consider leaving the graveyard when you dine. It’s an option. Note: mad cow disease is alive and kicking in the American meat supply. It is likely two to three hundred un-diagnosed cows per day are slaughtered in American slaughterhouses. Current diagnosed Alzheimers patients are likely sufferers of mad cow disease. Stop eating the flesh of murdered animals. Save yourself and save your children.

  2. Anonymous says:

    O.K. Now I live in a small town and am able to get meat from real free- range farms. Yes I eat chicken, beef and fish (well the fish only when we catch it ourselves!! I DO NOT support the farms that are in “mass production” and that have NO care for the life they are “raising”. I don’t like some of the videos I see where they are abusing these poor animals and letting them live in filth. It’s wrong and heart breaking!! That needs to stop!!
    Now people I’am not a bad person. Animals eat other animals so I can’t be all that wrong!! Iam In support of stopping the ‘mass production’ farms!!

    Go easy on me!!

  3. chas h says:

    I tried the vegan style at one time heart doctor put me on a cholesterol diet all I got to show for it was a 40 pound weight gain and my acid reflex problems got so bad that now I have to take meds for it. I did like the commercial. If you think that pig farms are bad you have never seen a chicken farm. They small far worse and the run off is worse. But if you want something that will really make you sick and pollutes worse get around a plant that makes asphalt. At least with farms the waste has some use with asphalt plants all you get is the pollution.

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