Homoerotic underwear ad from the 1960s

Ad for Munsingwear's Stretchy-Seat underwear. "Men find it so comfortable they keep coming back for more." Link


  1. My favorite part is the definitive “That’s good business.” What, are they trying to assure that they are, in fact, a good business, or just give you a 2-cent business lesson? — b.glad

  2. The implication that the pair above are certainly homosexual, and seeking erotic fulfillment speaks to the modern consciousness and is regrettable. Back in the sixties, men would wrestle, now, unfortunately, they wrestle with game boys. The modern way is ‘gayer’ in its way. I miss wrestling, and I have two ‘red-blooded’ sons, a medical student and a mathematician.
    Frauenfelder: Generally, I admire you greatly, you are imaginative, daring and kindly. But, your dreadful fixation upon sexual deviance is spoiling my view of you. Get your shnozz out of the gutter, get yourself some fresh air! Amongst other things, it is quite illiberal for you to manifest in this fashion.

  3. My boyfriend is a mathematician, though his blood is more blue than red, as is everyone’s within their body, basically.

    And I know a few gay doctors – they, on the other hand, do have red blood, not being human and all… ;)

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