World's largest horse. Oh, and a new DVD.

Here are still more interesting county fair / carny images by photographer and Boing Boing reader Charles Kamm.

Above: "This photo is one of the worlds largest horse at the orange county fair," he explains. "I'm currently living in Barcelona, Spain, photographing the city."

Hey! Speaking of steeds! Remember ZOO, that stylized feature film directed by Robinson Devor, about men who like to situate themselves "on the business end of horse flounder," as one astute Amazon reviewer put it? Welp, it's out on DVD as of this week: Link.

The film is described as a semi-fictionalized, romanticized, quasi-documentary about that guy in Washington state who famously died in flagrante horse-a-licto, in 2005.

Zoo looks interesting, even if the subject is squick-inducing. I have not seen it, and am not entirely sure that I am prepared to. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin!)