World's largest horse. Oh, and a new DVD.

Here are still more interesting county fair / carny images by photographer and Boing Boing reader Charles Kamm.

Above: "This photo is one of the worlds largest horse at the orange county fair," he explains. "I'm currently living in Barcelona, Spain, photographing the city."

Hey! Speaking of steeds! Remember ZOO, that stylized feature film directed by Robinson Devor, about men who like to situate themselves "on the business end of horse flounder," as one astute Amazon reviewer put it? Welp, it's out on DVD as of this week: Link.

The film is described as a semi-fictionalized, romanticized, quasi-documentary about that guy in Washington state who famously died in flagrante horse-a-licto, in 2005.

Zoo looks interesting, even if the subject is squick-inducing. I have not seen it, and am not entirely sure that I am prepared to. (Thanks, Susannah Breslin!)


  1. Dying a painful death due to bestiality-induced rectal rupture and massive internal hemmoraging has never struck me as particularly romantic, but that’s just me.

  2. Hiya All

    I’m the guy that authored this DVD – not the director or producer or anything like that – just the guy that actually assembled the final movie and menu artwork into the DVD master file.
    During the course of authoring this movie I ended up watching it two or three times, and becoming quite familiar with it. Yes, the content matter is controversial and the subject ‘squiky’ – but it has been presented in a very tasteful manner.
    Based on what I heard it was about I was initially dreading having to see this movie when it was assigned to me; but was pleasantly surprised to find it to be not a shock-doc, but a thoughtful piece of investigative documentary.
    It was well researched, using interviews with people that were involved with the incident to present many sides of the story – the cop, the vet, other members of the ‘scene’. The cinematography is excellent – the situating shots and interstitial pans of landscape and setting are breathtaking.
    There is no gratuitous graphic sexual imagery or re-enactments, thats not the point of the piece; its an exploration of the event and the people involved in it – the central act that is the inspiration for the movie is squiky, but the movie itself is not, not even close.
    As someone that has had to view, with a critical eye, 2-3 feature films per day for the past few years I would highly recommend this movie for anyone with an interest in ‘the human condition’ – but not to low-brow seekers of horse porn. Um, lets call it an 8/10, with my baseline 10/10 reference being the original “Revenge of the Nerds”.

    P.S. Although I did do the work on this DVD, this review is not sponsored in any way – I just happened to come across the post during my morning tea.

  3. @shanealeslie, thanks for weighing in, and I’ve heard great things about the film, all blog-jokes aside. I guess I need to just shut up and buy it now!

  4. Please do yourself a favor and pass on “Zoo”. We watched it a few days ago and found it impossible to follow and way too “arty” for it’s own good. After 20 minutes, we were asking wondering who was saying what and couldn’t tell the difference between characters. There’s nothing graphic in the film to be concerned with but it is disturbing and confusing to say the least.

  5. We opened Zoo at the Starz Film Center in Denver, CO (the best cinematheque outside NYC, LA, or Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse). It’s not a typical documentary but it’s interesting nonetheless. It was done in a kind of ethereal, broken memory pastiche with many recreated sequences consisting of beautiful shots of farmhouses and fields and trees while one of the men involved discusses, without ever actually talking about horse sex, the event and the why and how of the time leading up to the death.

    It’s not great; there are several sequences that seem fairly unnecesary (a point in the middle that breaks the movie into two sections involves speaking with an actor hired to play a cop talking about his personal experiences with death, which has no relation to what’s happening whatsoever seems pretty pointless) but overall ends up being an alright film if you’ve got some time to kill.

    And, hey, if you’re in Denver, you should come down and see King of Kong. I watched it last night and it’s probably the purest form of a movie about good versus evil that I’ve ever seen outside of pulp fantasy. And it’s all real, which makes it even better. I was legitimately inspired to go out and be a better person after watching this movie. Also to play Donkey Kong or Joust or any older arcade game. We’ve also opened a new print of Pierrot le Fou. (Sorry, gotta plug it where I can).

  6. People see a horse penis and think bestiality. Males will drop those things, pretty much whenever. And you do realize he is only letting it hang a little? That thing will practically drag on the ground. It is generally considered rude though, I know several trainers who would have given that horse a smack so he’d pull it up by now.

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