Unlocking an iPhone is legal


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Will people please stop using the phrase “free-market” when describing the U.S. economy (or any other current economy in the Western world for that matter). The U.S. economy is not a free-market economy; need I really cite one of the million forms of government economic regulation that currently exists? It is particularly sad that even apparently educated people have been brainwashed to perpetuate this myth.

  2. Chris Tucker says:

    This is much like the hoorah over modchipping the XBOX.

    Yes, modchipping CAN let one play pirated games.

    But for the most part, it’s done to unlock the XBOX so the OWNER of the XBOX can do with HIS/HER property as they see fit. Usually just toomake it easier to install Linux or the XBox Media Center and use XBMC with things like remote controls or wireless keyboards/mice.

    (And of course, modchipping an XBOX makes the Baby Bill Gates cry. ALWAYS a valid reason for doing something!)

    And now, unlocking an iPhone is done for the same reasons. It’s MY property, Steve. I can do with it as I see fit.

  3. Christopher Bowns says:

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  4. Cpt. Tim says:

    its even less shady than the X-box.

    So far theres nothing to really steal with the iphone. The programs you can add have so far been free to all. they could argue you’re “Stealing ringtomes” from apple because you’re not buying the track twice… but they’d be dumb to make such an argument.

  5. Rod Begbie says:

    This is the strawiest straw-man that ever straw-manned. No-one has suggested that unlocking an iPhone is illegal. No-one!

    Apple has just said that, should you do it, they won’t support you with future upgrades or warranties. Which is a fair deal all round.

  6. neven says:

    People, people…

    Who told you that you couldn’t unlock your iPhone? When did Apple ever state anything like that?

    All they said was, if you unlock it, the software update may render it useless, and you’ll be voiding your warranty. So if you want to be a 1337 hacker and unlock your iPhone, go nuts. But don’t expect software updates or warranty service.

    Simple, no?

  7. Dewi Morgan says:

    I suspect that Apple are overjoyed when customers chip their iphones. Even more so if they brick them and buy a replacement.

    AT&T might be sad. But Apple just signed an agreement with them to attept to make their customers stick with AT&T – that doesn’t mean that they give a damn whether you do.

    Is the iPhone 2 out yet? Never buy a version 1 product.

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