Ceci n'est pas un turkey (Turkey-shaped Jell-O Mold 2007 Competition)

Each year around this time, BB pal Danielle Spencer hosts a dinner party and contest in which guests bring "turkey-shaped" dishes which are not, in fact, comprised of turkey. "Here's this year's turkeyfest," she says, "Sushi turkey, chicken noodle soup turkey, and here, spam turkey."

Now, before you fussbudgets let loose in the comments about how this one doesn't really look like a turkey, I'll just say that the Guac-a-Bird (Avacado mousse) and the Lime Jello Turkey look far more convincingly turkoid. WORK WITH ME, people. This is ART.

From the curator's notes:

Spam Turkey: Adam's conceptual tour-de-force unfurls the symbolic activity of language itself, a sandwich of meat and meaning. Spam comes from spam, as it turns out.



  1. These are very excellent, and may very well inspire me to try something similar this Thursday. But ya, why choose the only one that doesn’t look like a bird?

  2. The descriptions of these faux birds are hilarious. If I ever get an art show I am having Danielle write my labels. Genius.

  3. The spam turkey doesn’t really do it for me. The gelatin based ones looked pretty unappetizing too. I did like the sushi version. The stuffing turkey, while not really resembling a turkey very much, was a clever way to make the side dish the star.

    The faux turkey theme would make a great centerpiece for a vegetarian thanksgiving. My wife posted our non edible potato-turkey on her blog.

    potato turkey

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