The real reason Tesla is tanking: Musk's political self-sabotage

Tesla sales are way down, the stock has fallen by 40%. This piece on the BBC website purports to look at the headwinds Tesla faces in a tough market:

A price war has been intensifying between electric vehicle (EV) makers, with particularly fierce competition coming from Chinese firms…

The firm has been slow to refresh its ageing models while rivals in China, such as BYD and Nio, have been rolling out cheaper models. Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi also launched its first EV last month.

I'm sure all that is true but it's weird that the article doesn't address the obvious elephant in the room: Elon Musk is one of the leading right wing trolls in the world. He's gone out of his way to transform his public image from swashbuckling entrepreneur to assholio dickwad. Don't believe me — here's just one of many, many examples

My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci — Elon Musk

That's some quality trolling, a twofer that somehow manages to trash both people who identify as non-binary and Fauci in the same short post. 

I am a logical candidate to buy a Tesla — I love the cars and I used to love the brand. But if Musk is going to go out of his way to alienate liberals and revel in his own douchiness, I'm not going to buy his car. It's that simple. And if I feel that way, there must be millions more who feel the same. And that's why the stock is down 40%.

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