Rave flyers from Idaho, early-mid '90s.

Boing Boing reader Jesse Walker has scanned and published part of his extensive collection of rave flyers from Idaho, circa 1992-1995. Link to gallery of posters, and details on the artists who created them.


  1. As a designer, who began with doing rave fliers in the late 90s, its funny to note how much of this looks mostly punk or alternative in nature. At the very least its nice to see that the stale LSD driven, ZOMG blow your mind spiritual / space themes hadn’t quite taken hold of the area yet.

  2. great collection…makes me want to start scanning my archive of Baltimore flyers…I have loads of them even from the pre-rave era industrial stuff

    love is the law
    b o b b l e / 20Hz Cartel

  3. Thanks guys. Glad you liked them.

    At the time I had a feeling that we had something special going on although I’m sure there were lots of eccentric scenes happening around the country.

    Send me links if you do scan anything. emailATnewcitymovement.com

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