Pooch pirate steals package while the family dog casually watches: "Lazy guard dog or an inside job?" (video)

A neighborhood dog was busted after a family's package — a pair of basketball shoes — was stolen from their porch. And much to the family's chagrin, their own dog was an accomplice to the crime.

At first, the mom — who ordered the shoes for her son — didn't know what happened to their delivery. But after checking security footage, she saw her pup, Carolina, casually lying on the front walkway in the dead of night, watching in silence as a pooch pirate — her canine pal — slyly walked off with the goods. (See video below, posted by Ring.)

"Lazy guard dog or an inside job?" the caption of the video asks. As of now, the answer remains a mystery.

Fortunately, the family was able to track the package down, and the shoes were found "with only minor bite marks."

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