Bizarro Genius Baby -- latest MC Frontalot nerdcore video


7 Responses to “Bizarro Genius Baby -- latest MC Frontalot nerdcore video”

  1. Adam Stanhope says:

    Talented guy. Always fun. Yay MC Frontalot!

  2. woopydoo says:

    MC Frontalot is a new kind of suck, worse than the old kind. A big unhappy sucky suck. Nerdcore offends my honky, college-educated soul to its very core. Suck! Suck! Suck!

  3. hatekillpuke says:

    I recently saw the Front at the Portland stop on his tour. After the show, I shook his hand and said, “If it weren’t for you, a computer kid like me might not be listening to Biggie Smalls today.”

  4. BIZKeT says:

    The Portland show rocked. I hung out with Schaffer and his friends for a few hours after the show. That man is great.

  5. musicman says:

    Love the Andrew Wiles reference.

  6. biophile says:

    Today on CBC’s “Q” Jian Ghomeshi interviewed nerdcore documentarian Negin Farsad. Check it:


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