Man hilariously scolds the vacuum cleaner in front of his doggos to cure them of their fear: "Bad vacuum!" (video)

Like most dogs, two rescue pups named Bear and Ellie can't stand the vacuum cleaner. And every time the rude vacuum pays a visit, they try to bite and chase the unwelcome guest out of the house.

So their human dad thought maybe if he disciplined the vacuum in front of the doggos, they would see that the vacuum is not top dog and thus would no longer be afraid of it.

"Bad vacuum! Stop that. Stop that…Sit!" the man said, pointing his finger at the ill-behaved vacuum while the excited bystanders stared with glee. And their wagging tails said it all: "Finally, our dad gets what a jerk this vacuum is!" (See video below, posted by Weishaarfam.)

But whether the trick actually works or not is still up in the air, as a later post shows that only one of the dogs — the brown Bear — seemed at ease when the vacuum dared to return. Meanwhile, Ellie still held a grudge, nipping and barking at the vacuum, telling it to scram and get outta town.


We saw something that said if you discipline your vacuum your dog won't be scared of it anymore 😂😂

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