John Gaeta on VRMAG


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  1. babi says:

    I fully agree with John, VRMAG is truly an awesome publication. Thanks !

  2. luag says:

    I like to create VR too, and I’ve been thinking to go full time doing it…but I’m not sure if I can make a decent living out of it here in Indonesia.

  3. ductus says:

    I particularly enjoyed the guided tour of Anshe Chung Studios’ Dresden Old Masters Gallery and DanCoyote Antonelli’s Full Immersion Hyperformalism in Second Life, as well as Detlef Fellrath’s “Wellenkreis“, an art installation showing an endless sine curve in real space. It was a great experience ;-)

  4. JeffreyMartin says:

    Some nice stuff in there. Aldo Hoeben’s bubble panorama is lovely.

    For more VR craziness, check out these 9 different motion / timelapse panoramas. The closest we’ve come yet to fully spherical video!


  5. guruscan says:

    This rocks now! I saw Chernobyl article. So dramatic. I wanted to go there last year, but it’s better to watch those images, less exposure problems…;)

  6. johnstewart says:

    Please, please, do not resize my browser windows like that. This may have been acceptable in the VR heyday, but not today.

  7. ductus says:

    may 1 an exclusive coverage of Speed Racer and an in depth interview with John Gaeta will be online at

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