John Gaeta on VRMAG

John Gaeta, the Oscar-winning special effects guru behind The Matrix trilogy and the forthcoming Speed Racer film, just told me about one of his favorite online hangouts: VRMAG. It's an online magazine about virtual reality in all its forms including, as John describes it, "interactive photography and explorable documentary art." Prematurely hyped during the cyberdelic 90s hysteria, virtual reality has actually progressed in amazing ways as an art form. VRMAG isn't just a technical publication for folks in the biz like Gaeta, but it's also an online gallery for some stunning VR experiences. The new issue features a look inside the closed zone of Chernobyl, Red Square, Mayan ruins, a pill's eye-view from a medicine bottle, the scene inside a washing machine, and many more articles and experiences. (Image above from Aldo Hoeben's "To Be In A Bubble Party At Sziget 2007.") Here's what John Gaeta says about VR MAG:
I have been inspired especially in the last couple years by the effort the magazine is making and have referenced many articles while making Speed Racer...which will be a nearly 100% GREEN SCREEN movie (like 300 and Sin City on crack) with many virtual sets created with HD QTVR locations...something that many VRMAG contributors are converging toward. I also think there is a new entertainment medium under way which will be manifested through some of the experiments reported by them.
Link (Thanks John Battelle for the intro!)


  1. Please, please, do not resize my browser windows like that. This may have been acceptable in the VR heyday, but not today.

  2. I particularly enjoyed the guided tour of Anshe Chung Studios’ Dresden Old Masters Gallery and DanCoyote Antonelli’s Full Immersion Hyperformalism in Second Life, as well as Detlef Fellrath’s “Wellenkreis“, an art installation showing an endless sine curve in real space. It was a great experience ;-)

  3. This rocks now! I saw Chernobyl article. So dramatic. I wanted to go there last year, but it’s better to watch those images, less exposure problems…;)

  4. I like to create VR too, and I’ve been thinking to go full time doing it…but I’m not sure if I can make a decent living out of it here in Indonesia.

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