Video: Charlie Stross reads HALTING STATE at Google


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  1. mkultra says:

    I really adored this book, as I love everything Mr. Stross has published (with the exception of Glasshouse; I cannot explain why). For anyone else who enjoys his work, I would also suggest looking into Connie Willis, Robert Charles Wilson and John Scalzi: they each write about very different topics, in very different ways, but these authors seem to share a devotion to the craft and art of writing that (for myself at least) makes each work of theirs a visceral pleasure to read. This is a new Golden Age, and these are the ringmasters of it.

    I would also recommend Cory’s work, but I figure if you’re reading this, you already know about him. :)

  2. Jacques says:

    Is this the same Charlie Stross that used to post on alt.peeves back in the day?

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