Romhacks of the original Donkey Kong arcade game

"I have this rather weird hobby," writes Paul Goes. "I create romhacks of the original Donkey Kong Arcade game." His creations include a Donkey Kong Pac-Man Crossover, Random Donkey Kong and a two-player duel, and you can play all of them online, free of charge!

In 2019 I discovered the Donkey Kong Hacking Kit which contains a disassembly of the Donkey Kong arcade game with comments on the inner workings of the game. I learned that the Donkey Kong game is based on the Z80 processor and uses the same assembly language that I used on the TRS-80 back in the eighties. The first thing was to read the disassembly and look how things worked. But the game programmer in me woke up and almost immediately I started thinking of possibilities to alter and to add to the game. This lead to the creation of the first prototypes 'Freerun Edition' and 'Crazy Barrels Edition' and the romhack 'Reverse'. In the spring of 2020 I was contacted by JP Buergers and he asked if I could collaborate with the Kong League to develop additional Donkey Kong romhacks and prerelease them exclusively to the members of the Kong League. Since then I developed the romhacks 'Championship Edition', 'Randomized Edition', 'Skip Start', 'On The Run', 'Into The Dark', 'Twisted Jungle', 'Barrelpalooza', 'Anniversary Edition', 'Duel', 'Wizardry', 'Springfinity', 'RNDMZR', 'Hearthunt', 'Barrelb∞ss', 'Accelerate' and 'Pac-Man Crossover'.

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