Spider Jerusalem cosplayer


14 Responses to “Spider Jerusalem cosplayer”

  1. Adam Rakunas says:

    “Read my scripture!”

    (Transmet fans will know what I mean.)

  2. Graham says:

    Oh, for God’s sake.

  3. el Dopa says:

    Last time I checked, Sharpies contain Toluene, which is very nasty stuff. I have no idea if he’s getting anywhere near a troublesome dose, however.

    I once decorated a friend in a similar way, but on a smaller scale. We found that “Formula 409″ cleaner (which smells like a combination of ammonia and alcohol, but who knows if it isn’t more toxic than the toluene?) took the sharpie ink right off.

  4. the Other michael says:

    I’m embarrassed to remember the college incident where I had somebody marker my entire back just to have a chance to win a Spinal Tap t-shirt. They weren’t sharpies, but they still lasted pretty d**n long.

  5. Another Aaron says:

    I did something similar for a girl in college as well. She was posing for someone’s photography project…afterward, the marker would NOT come off. Eventually she snapped and used one of those tough kitchen sink scrubs and mineral spirits to get the ink off.

    Probably not the safest way to remove it, but it worked. (Her body was covered with red blotches for about 2 weeks though.)

    The fellow above does look cool. :) I still remember the girl sitting in the bathroom crying trying to get it off. Oh well, it’ll come off eventually….

  6. shortfatsteve says:

    I believe the correct term for that girl helping Spider there is filthy assistant.

  7. funvill says:

    No glasses, no points

  8. Don says:

    Shortfatsteve beat me to it, so I’ll just observe that he really needs a second one with short black hair helping him as well, or at least chain-smoking and cursing nearby.

  9. Domomojo says:

    Is that healthy? Who knows what the Chinese factories are putting in marker ink these days.

  10. Earth Man says:

    Domomojo, if its anything like what’s in Aqua Beads, I’m sure Spider would approve.

  11. anangbhai says:

    How about a goateed editor with a gun and a t-shirt that says “Where’s my fucking article?” smoking three cigarettes at once.

  12. groonk says:

    i saw 2 Spider’s at Dragon Con this year. they came prepared. no black magic markers needed. my camera was never ready to catch them, though.

    others caught him and his Filthy Assistants: http://www.flickr.com/photos/foenix/1340922242/

    fear what you have wrought Mr Ellis:

  13. Earth Man says:

    er, Aqua *Dots*.

  14. Antinous says:

    Half naked cosplay and a magic marker to sniff. That’s hot.

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